Make Mom’s Life Easier This Mother’s Day

Did you know that one of the very first testers of the FixMeStick was actually our founder Corey Velan’s mom, Penny?

Corey and his mom, Penny.

It’s true! To celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day, we are sharing a bit of the FixMeStick origin story.

The Story of Penny and FixMeStick

It was 2012, and Corey had quit his job for a year to work on FixMeStick. Two weeks after the first prototype of FixMeStick was released, Corey received a call from his mom, Penny, inviting him to come for dinner at her house.

Corey would often get invited to have dinner at his mom’s house, and this time he arrived an hour early so he could help her fix some problems on her computer. At that time, the FixMeStick did not have its fancy shell! Corey had to go to the nearest computer shop to purchase a generic USB flash drive and manually load the FixMeStick software onto it.

Presenting her with the makeshift FixMeStick, Corey suggested that rather than fixing Penny’s computer, they should enjoy dinner together and let FixMeStick do the job for them.

At first, Penny was not happy to hear this! She had downloaded software online before to help her fix her computer, but she had never been satisfied with the results; she doubted the FixMeStick would be any different.

After some persuading, Corey managed to convince Penny to try out the FixMeStick. He told her to follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Remove the cap
  • Plug in the FixMeStick
  • Double click “RunFixMeStick”

The next morning, Corey received a call from Penny who was feeling very proud that with the help of FixMeStick, she had managed to clean her computer all on her own!

Silver FixMeStick plugged into a MacBook computer.

And so, FixMeStick was born.

With Penny’s positive feedback and well wishes, Corey and co-founder Marty Algire continued to expand the company. In 2014, they were featured on Dragon’s Den, Canada’s version of Shark Tank. The Dragons were so impressed with FixMeStick, that each and every one of them made an offer!

How can FixMeStick Help Your Mom?

Penny isn’t our only success story! Today, FixMeStick has over one million customers around the world and has helped many mothers clean their computers without the help of their children.

Give the gift of FixMeStick this Mother’s day, and save your mom a trip to the repair shop! Want to test it out? You can get a 30-day trial here for just $9.95.

With its easy-to-use software, a FixMeStick ensures that moms everywhere won’t have to worry about asking for help with their computers any longer! And don’t worry- if they do need help, our tech-loving and friendly customer support team are available 6 days a week!  

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