Mac Users, Watch Out for This Malware If You Are Using This Popular Media Player!

A type of already known malware called OSX/Proton malware targeting Mac users has recently been unknowingly distributed by a popular media player software called Elmedia Player. The maker of Elmedia Player, Eltima, also makes popular MacOS and Windows apps.

Since a cyber security vendor, ESET, has detected the malware in one of the versions of the Elmedia Player, Eltima removed the infected version from their website and is now serving a legitimate version of the application. It is still unknown who implemented the malware onto Eltima’s software.

Who could get affected?

Mac users who use Elmedia Player.  

What to do if you think you might be affected?

1- If you already have the Elmedia Player downloaded onto your computer, delete it.

2- Download a new version of the software from Eltima’s website.

3- Scan your computer using FixMeStick to make sure you catch any threats immediately and on a regular basis.