Learn About This Exploitable Flaw in Apple’s Security Code

For the longest time Mac users felt their devices were impenetrable. However as Apple gains a greater share of the market hackers have started creating more and more malware targeting Mac users. This past Tuesday a cybersecurity research firm flagged an exploitable flaw in Apple’s security code that has been present for over a decade. Keep reading to learn just how dangerous this flaw is. 

The flaw recently found in Apple’s security code allows malware files to imitate an Apple code signature. If you see an executable is signed by Apple, you’ll feel more comfortable running it on your device, which means dangerous malware can pretend to be Apple approved and cause havoc. Also many antiviruses look for these digital signatures when scanning your files to see if the file is safe and came from a reliable source. Often software check for this initial signature instead of checking the whole file.

Apple has responded defensively, saying the onus is on developers to ensure they check all new files thoroughly. Yet, developers say Apple’s updated security documentation was unclear. According to Okta, the security firm that flagged this security oversight, the following firms may have been affected: VirusTotal, Google, Facebook, Objective Development, F-Secure, Objective-See, Yelp, and Carbon Black.

Aside from this finger-pointing, you should ensure your Mac is safe:

  1. Install an antivirus – you can no longer assume your Mac is safe from viruses. Protect your computer before it’s too late. Because you’re a FixMeStick customer you can get a great savings on McAfee Total Protection here.
  2. Run FixMeStick – FixMeStick scans externally so viruses can’t run and hide. Our FixMeStick for Mac is the perfect deep clean for your Apple computer.
  3. Look over this list provided by Okta for the updates that will mitigate these vulnerabilities.