How to Keep Children (and Grandchildren) Entertained and Safe Online

If you are stuck at home with children during this time of COVID-19, it can be difficult to keep them entertained all day long, seven days a week.

In this article, we are sharing some ways you can keep your children entertained and busy but safe online so you can enjoy some free time of your own.

You can find anything and everything online these days, meaning your kids would be able to as well. When it comes to children, below are some best practices for online safety tips to keep the little ones in your life safe online. And keep reading for our fun online ways to keep them entertained!

Safety Tip #1 – Education First

Having grown up in the age of the internet, your children may see the world wide web as this magical place capable of answering random questions, providing endless entertainment in the form of games, and a never-ending stream of YouTube videos.

However, your children probably do not have any knowledge of viruses, online privacy issues, online scams and exploitations, and other threats. If you are unclear about these issues yourself, check-out our Internet Safety Tips article to give you some ideas on what to teach your children.

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Safety Tip #2 – Set Boundaries and Rules

Similar to how you would set rules and guidelines for your children in the real world, the digital world also needs boundaries and rules to stay in order.

Some rules you can set include making your children share the passwords to their online accounts so you can monitor their activities, not sharing any personal information such as birthdays and pictures to strangers online, and only using the computer in a public space in the house.

Safety Tip #3 – Set Up Online Security Measures

One frequent issue with children being online is the risk of them getting a virus on your computer or the family computer. Luckily, there are many options out there for online security these days.

One option is to use a StartMeStick – which gives your children a fast, safe, and private way to browse online but also protects the family computer from getting a virus. Every time you unplug the StartMeStick it goes back to new so they can’t mess up anything.

Another method you can use is to install an antivirus program on your computer that can block any viruses from being downloaded in the first place.

You may also prefer to restrict your children’s online activities by blocking certain websites or setting up parental controls on the home computer.

With these safety tips out of the way, below are some of our recommendations and ideas on how to keep the children entertained online.

Entertainment Idea #1 – Look for Coronavirus Specials

Many companies, learning centres, schools, organizations, and government agencies are sharing resources and ideas on keeping children entertained while quarantined at home. Check out this comprehensive guide published by Live Science.

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Entertainment Idea #2 – Sprinkle in Some Educational Content

There are many websites dedicated to children’s education these days, and most of them like to combine a bit of entertainment to keep the kids’ attention. Some of these fun websites include:

Entertainment Idea #3 – Online Social Meetups

Being cooped up and away from friends can be difficult, especially if a child is the only child at home. To keep them connected socially, consider setting-up virtual playdates so they can still talk with their friends. You can also find virtual children’s meetups in your area by doing an online search along with the name of your city.

What are some ways you keep your children or grandchildren safe but entertained online at home? Share them with us and others in the comment section below!