Keep your Current Computer and Help Save the Environment this Earth Day!

Did you know it would only take Britain 8 months to fill the largest lake with rubbish? Electronic waste or “e-waste” is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. In the last 5 years 12.5 million computers have been thrown into UK landfills, but are these computers really obsolete? According to Independent,  “less than 10% of electronics are reused, despite the fact that much of it either works or could be repaired.” A simple way to add years to your current computer and save the environment this Earth Day is to keep it clean! There are many simple ways you can do it right at home:

1. Tidy up! PCs can become dirty with dust which puts stress on components of the computer and can reduce performance. Try to clean your computer every 6 months with compressed air to make sure that dust isn’t accumulating.

2. Stay up to date. Antivirus is designed to prevent viruses from getting onto your system. This is important to keep your computer running smoothly and your personal data safe. Unfortunately, inevitably viruses get past without us noticing

3. Remove viruses the smarter way. Don’t risk losing your personal files and photos by letting viruses lurk on your computer. Remove viruses that antivirus programs can’t with FixMeStick, the only external virus removal device. Today only, get lifetime virus removal for 3PCs, exclusively at QVC UK.



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