Tips for Keeping Your Work Life Separate From Your Personal Life Online

Living in the age of the Internet means many of us have the privilege of working from home. And until the current global pandemic is over, it means a lot of us are working from home.

Here at FixMeStick we have the luxury of running our operations from the comfort of our own homes since March. We understand that it can be difficult to separate your digital work life from your online private life. Keep reading for tips to keep them separate!

If you’ve ever had an ad for an item you purchased in your free time appear while you are doing your work duties, it’s a sure sign that your online work life and private life are merging together.

Continue reading for tips on how to prevent your work like and personal life from merging online. (Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels)

Using Two Separate Computers

This is an obvious one. If you are lucky enough to have two different computers, or if you are allowed to bring your computer home from work, then definitely continue using the work computer for all things work-related and your personal computer for all your online personal things.

But a lot of us don’t have two computers. So what are some other solutions to keep your work and private online lives separate on a single computer?

Using In-Private or Incognito Mode

Opening up an Incognito window on our internet browser (often called in-private mode on some browsers) can also give you a layer of separation between your online lives. Note that incognito or in-private mode is not as private as it may seem, as companies like Google are still making money collecting your private data.

Google Chrome’s incognito window.

However, it is good for when you want to log in to two different accounts. For example, do you have two Facebook accounts? You can log in to both of them at the same time using separate incognito/in-private windows.

Similarly, if you have an online work account, you can log into it from a regular internet browser window and use an incognito or in-private window for your personal activities.

Try the StartMeStick

The StartMeStick can bring your old computers back from the dead – and also give you a safe, secure, and private operating system to use. With the StartMeStick, you can do all your browsing from stick’s operating system.

If you don’t have a second computer to separate your work life and private life, you can use the StartMeStick to give you a layer of privacy. Everything you have on the host computer – including your pictures, files, and documents, cannot be accessed from the StartMeStick. This makes it hard for viruses to infect your host computer as well.

The StartMeStick is designed to give you a private, secure, and fast operating system ideal for all your online activities – both work or personal.

Even if you have more than one computer, you can use the StartMeStick to add a layer of privacy on either one of them – think of it like an incognito or in-private mode but for your entire computer.

There are many cool things you can do with the StartMeStick. To try it for 30 days, click here.

Different Internet Browsers

If you don’t have access to two different computers, another tip is to use separate internet browsers!

Today there are many internet browsers available and you have a range of them to choose from. The most popular browsers are Microsoft Edge – which comes pre-installed on Windows computers, Google Chrome (or its sister browser Chromium) – which has over 1 billion users worldwide, Mozilla Firefox – a classic internet browser that was launched in 2002 as an alternative to Internet Explorer, and Apple’s Safari browser.

More recent internet browsers that have been released for the public include the Brave browser – which gives you rewards for your attention, and Opera – which has been ranked as the most innovative browser of 2020.

One way to separate your two online lives on a single computer is to use multiple internet browsers. (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)

No matter which browsers you choose, you can install two or more different ones to separate your work and private online life. For example, if you are logged into your Google Chrome account on the Chrome Internet browser for work, continue to use your Chrome browser for all things work related.

If you need to complete any personal online errands like online banking or shopping, simply open up and launch a different Internet browser that is not connected to your Google account, like Microsoft Edge. 

Connect to a VPN

At FixMeStick we’re big fans of VPNs. In fact, our favourite is NordVPN. Click here to read about why we prefer NordVPN.

If you’re not sure what a VPN does, all you need to know is that it adds a layer of privacy in the form of a secure and encrypted Internet tunnel. It shields your network traffic by encrypting it, thus preventing any insecure devices on your Internet network from any prying or spying.

Some companies have their own virtual private network (VPN) that you can access from your home network. If your company does not, then your home Internet traffic may not be secure. Consider giving sensitive work data a private and encrypted tunnel by getting your very own VPN.

If you’d like to install a VPN for your private online activities too, consider trying NordVPN. You can read more about VPNs here.

What are some of the things that you do to keep your work and private life separate online? Share your tips in the comment section below!


  1. Marie Mawinney -

    i have fixmestick but as you see i got the smartmestick im a senior should have it plug in all the time or is like the fixme stick.

    • Linda -

      Hi Marie, you do not need to leave StartMeStick plugged in all the time. You only need to plug it in when you want to use it to browse online safely and securely.

  2. Jesse -

    Hi and thanks for your post as, for an elderly person as me it helps to be given something i can read up on and really make use of it.

  3. Raymond Dolata -

    I had a problem the other day that my network was off because my wifi was not connected and I wonder why that happened? Our wifi is working very well and since my daughter is using the same system she did not have any problem. Then the next morning the wifi was on and my computer is working as normal?

    • Linda -

      Hi Raymond, I’m not sure what happened either. There are many causes that can make the wifi stop functioning and you can definitely check in with a technician near you to learn more or get a diagnostic for the computer.

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