Can You Pass Our Internet Safety Quiz?

Earlier this year, we published a series of blog posts on how to stay safe online. Now we want to see how much you learned!

If you haven’t read all of them, you can check them out below.

Part I: Internet Safety 101
Part II: You Graduated to Internet Safety 202
Part III: Internet Safety 303: More Internet Safety Tips

When you’re ready, see if you can pass our ultimate Internet Safety Quiz!

How Much Do You Know About Internet Safety?

Challenge: get a high score to win an exclusive discount on one of our favorite partner products!

Are you an internet safety newbie, novice, expert, or master? Comment your score in the comment section below and share the quiz with your friends and family on social media to keep them safe.

You can check out the answers and full explanations here.

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  1. Anonymous -

    I am sure your product should be called fu-kmestick. Every time I use it it takes me days to get my computer back to a state I am happy with.

    • Linda -

      Hi there, sorry to see that you are having trouble with your FixMeStick. Please note that we do offer live support 6 days a week. If you need any help at all, please contact us at or start a chat with us by going on and then clicking on the orange Support button at the bottom right corner during our office hours.

    • Linda -

      Hi Guildo, that’s great to see! We definitely recommend using your FixMeStick once per month as a routine cleanup procedure.

  2. Doug -

    Even though I “Mastered ” the quiz, there’s still a lot to learn vis a vie internet safety & security.

  3. John Lexmond -

    So I got 7 of 7. Sheer luck. Two of them were out and out guesses and for most of the rest, I had to figure them – I had no idea beforehand.

  4. Marilyn Nystrom -

    I have been using fixmestick for a few years now. I highly recommend it. I got 6 on my test.

    • Linda -

      Hi Seth! Sorry to see that. Could you try refreshing your web page to see if it’ll get rid of the glitch? If you are still having trouble seeing your score or your discount, send us an email at and we’d be happy to send you the special discount link.

  5. Tony Berry -

    Been using fixmestick for a few years now always does a great job. Got 7 out of 7 as well.

  6. Stephen Pearson -

    I still use it, but I hate that after I use it all my sites I go to I have to re type all my log in info. But I still love the stick.

    • Linda -

      Hi Stephen, thanks for your comment. When your internet browser gets reset you’d lose any saved passwords. If you are interested, you can save your passwords in a password manager like Dashlane. When you install the Dashlane extension on any browser, you’ll be able to auto-fill your passwords as long as you are logged into your Dashlane account.

      • Anonymous -

        I had Dashlane and when I changed and forgot my master password even with online help from Dashlane I could not get back in so I lost all my passwords. A nightmare so on my experience I would not recommend using Dashlane.

  7. Anonymous -

    the good news is I am a MASTER, and correctly answered all 7 questions! the bad news is, I was offered a discount for NordVPN, and I am already a subscriber! 🙂

  8. Edwin Wentworth -

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with these quizzes, it sure helps to keep us on our toes. I rated very well which surprised me, but the credit really goes to you guys, Thanks for keeping us safe.

    • Linda -

      Thank you for trying our quiz, Edwin! We’re glad you found it helpful.

    • Linda -

      Hi Sharon, sorry to see that you didn’t get the link. We’ve reached out to you by email with a copy of the discount link. Please check your email, thanks!

  9. Lowhangers -

    Love my Fixmestick. My 1st one is about 6 years old, and just got the Fixmestick Gold. I’ll run it tonight…

  10. Anonymous -

    I’m a Master. I’m amazed! Love the tests because they help me to learn. Even though I’m a very infrequent internet user the tests show me I’m not quite as internet illiterate as I think I am. Thanks for the tests and the information.

  11. John G -

    Pretty simple quiz really. Less than a minute to complete. Love the unlimited fixmestick. Not interested in the VPN though.
    At we use Fixmestick to protect all of our machines and it works flawlessly.

  12. Geoff -

    Good quiz – a little too much on the ‘proprietary applications’ knowledge IMHO. Got a FixMeStick several years ago for Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I like the ‘BIOS BOOT’ feature. I have TWO other AV apps running on my laptops. They have their strengths and weaknesses individually, but together, they’re awesome. Setup was a little complex with getting all the exceptions set up so they didn’t conflict with each other, but if you’ve ever had a virus that’s ruined your hard drive, you’ll get it – there’s no such thing as too much protection. FixMeStick is great because it checks for viruses before the OS starts, or the other AV apps start and that’s where virus code writers want their code to live and hopefully go undetected. FixMeStick gets in there. GREAT scanner, but what’s better is the “Zero Problems Found” notice at the end!!!

    • Linda -

      Hi Geoff, thank you for your feedback. Sounds like you’re definitely well-prepared With so many layers of protection on your computer. If you ever need help with your FixMeStick, feel free to get in touch with our support team!

  13. Jet -

    Thanks for your quiz and quality product. Because of you, Nord VPN, and my intense efforts to protect our computers, I got them all correct. That wouldn’t have been the case a few years ago. It pays to read your e-mails.

  14. Anonymous -

    I got 7 out of 7 correct.
    And I better get a high score (because I have worked
    on computers since 1985).

  15. Michael -

    I got 7 out of 7; I love computers and I have taken cybersecurity classes at Strayer University.

  16. Ronald P Clements -

    Ron – Reply, I got 5 out of 7. Not familiar with the program names in Google format. I enjoyed the quiz and need to get more familiar with protecting my computers in cyberspace / internet areas. I have had FixMeStick for a couple of years now.

  17. Anonymous -

    Expert really like fixmestick but I got a new computer and can’t get it to work

  18. Judy -

    I got 6 out of 7 but I still need to know more and more to keep me safe on the internet. I have been using FIXMESTICK for a couple of years.

    • Linda -

      Great job, Judy! Stay tuned to our blog for more internet safety and other computer-related tips, we publish new content weekly!

    • Linda -

      Hi there! A lot of sensitive personal information is included in your internet usage logs. VPN providers like NordVPN do not collect this information, but there are some VPN providers that do. To learn more about NordVPN’s data collection policy, click here.

  19. Anonymous -

    Even though I got 6 out of 7, I’m no master at all the internet scams. Some common sense involved.

  20. CHARLES -


  21. Roy D -

    6 of 7. I’ve used fixmestick for a number of years and am well pleased with it.

  22. Rajindralal Mohan -

    I got 7 out of 7. It was a very good check to determine what you know.

  23. Anonymous -

    Norm M,
    7 out of 7 “MASTER”
    Thank you for the education and ongoing advice.

  24. Elo Wideman -

    Great Quizzes, enjoyed them all!
    Usually messed up on one per quiz but aced the last one. Have used Fixmestick Pro for many years on my own and friends computers when they get attacked and have no one else to turn to. Generally use it as first line of attack when checking for viruses etc.

  25. Dennis Spellman -

    Got 7 out of 7. I have Express VPN & I am very happy with it. The quiz was well constructed & it’s fun to test my knowledge of such things. Keep em coming!

  26. Karen L. Davies -

    7 of 7 = Master
    Had been using FMS on a regular basis until I relocated last year. Problem is, my 2 lifetime sticks were misplaced in the move. I know where they are (in storage with several other tech gadgets, etc. but my problem is that I cannot afford to hire a moving company at this time. So, my question is: what is the possibility of getting replacements until I can have them sent cross-country? My funds are very limited, being disabled. Can you help? Note that I do not have access to the serial numbers or my account number. Thanks in advance! (BTW: I had better be passing these tests as I have 40+ years of IT experience under my belt. *grin*)

    • Linda -

      Hi Karen, thanks for trying our quiz and sorry to see that your FixMeSticks aren’t accessible right now. The good news is that I was actually able to locate your FixMeStick account using your email address! Please check your email as we’ve sent some further instructions to better assist you.

    • Linda -

      Hi Robert, sorry to see that your FixMeStick isn’t working. We sent some follow-up questions to your email address so please check your email, thanks!

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