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How did you do on our Internet Safety Quiz?

To enhance your understanding of our Internet Safety series, check out the answers to the quiz below as well as our official explanations on why these answers are correct. 

Question 1: Most internet browsers come with a private browsing mode that will hide your browsing history from other people who use your computer. On Microsoft Edge, this is called “InPrivate” mode. What is this called in Google Chrome?

On Google Chrome it’s called “Incognito”. On Firefox it’s called a new “Private Window“. On Microsoft Edge it’s called “InPrivate”. On Opera it’s called “Private Window”.

Question 2: Which one of these passwords below is the most secure?

We recommend creating a strong password for all your accounts, especially for your online banking and shopping accounts linked to your credit card. A strong password should include a mix of upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and symbols such as “$” and “&”.

FixMeTip: A good way to create a strong password is to replace the letters “a” and “s” with the symbols “@” and “$” and the letter “l” with the number “1”, like we have done here for “FixMeStickVirusRemoval”, which became F1xMe$t1ckV1ru$Rem0v@1.

Some of us at FixMeStick here also like to use a password manager like Dashlane to generate and remember strong passwords for us. 

Question 3: We recommend downloading and installing an AdBlock extension on your internet browser. What does this do?

You might come across popups when you’re surfing online. These advertisement windows block your screen, but they do not install anything on your computer. Since they don’t download, FixMeStick will not wipe them from your computer, so we recommend downloading a free popup blocker like AdBlock to get rid of them for you.

Question 4: Some people, including us here at FixMeStick, prefer to use a VPN service when browsing online. What does VPN stand for?

A VPN, otherwise known as “Virtual Private Network”, is a hack-proof, encrypted tunnel for your online traffic to pass through. Nobody can see through this tunnel and get their hands on your internet data. For everyone here at FixMeStick, our VPN of choice is NordVPN

Question 5: In our Internet Safety Series, we recommended a search engine alternative to Google. What is it called?

DuckDuckGo markets themselves as a search engine that doesn’t track where you go or store your personal information. Some of our readers suggested using this search engine as an alternative to Google. We’ve tried their search function and think it’s worth trying out if you would like an alternative to Google.

Question 6: Which one of these URLs for the FixMeStick online store is safe for you to enter your credit card information?

This is a tricky one! When you are placing an order online, always make sure the website’s URL has the ‘HTTPS’ designation at the front. This indicates the data sent between your browser and the website is encrypted which prevents hackers from being able to read it, especially your credit card information.

In addition, be sure to check the rest of the URL. In our question here, the incorrect answers also have FixMyStick in the URL instead of FixMeStick.

Scammers like to set up fake websites masquerading as popular companies like Microsoft and Amazon, sometimes with misspellings in the company name or extra letters before or after the company name. They may also provide fake support services, like in this FixMeStick support scam we uncovered last year.

Question 7: What can you do to protect yourself on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram?

Not publicizing your private information, like birth dates, deleting any unused applications, especially Facebook games, and spending the time to change your privacy settings are all the ways you can protect yourself.

You can learn more about this on our blog post – Changing your Facebook Privacy Settings.

That’s all! If you are still confused about some of the answers to these questions, leave a comment below and we’ll reply to you!

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  1. Maxim - Reply

    I change my passwords every month and I use NordVPN daily. I am paranoid about my cysec, as I was hacked once, and oh boy, it was horrible. I like the NordVPN app, as I stay anonymous, no ones my real IP address, my traffic is encrypted and it has features like CyberSec ( adblocker) and KillSwitch ( kills the connection if the internet drops, so your real IP won’t be exposed). I think it’s more than enough to stay secure.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Maxim, thanks for trying our quiz! We are glad you like NordVPN as much as we do.

  2. Judy C Haywood - Reply

    Thought I new the internet but after taking your quiz!
    Found out i don’t know squat. LOL
    Thanks for the educational quiz, I look forward to additional information from you.

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