Internet Safety 303: More Internet Safety Tips

This is part III in a series of blog posts we have written about Internet Safety. Let us know in the comments if you like these articles. Plus if you haven’t read the other articles, you can check them out below.

Part I: Internet Safety 101

Part II: You Graduated to Internet Safety 202

If you’ve successfully gone through Internet Safety 101 and 202, here’s Internet Safety 303 – covering everything else you need to know about staying secure online.

Ensure your browsing is private and secure

A good start to improving your online security is to use a secure web browser. We like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox because they’re easy to use but also offer the privacy you want.

Most browsers come with a built in “private browsing mode” that will hide your browsing history from others who use your device. On Google Chrome it’s called “incognito“, or if you’re using Firefox you can open a “Private Window“.

FixMeTip: This doesn’t make you anonymous. Your Internet service provider (ISP) and the sites you visit can still gather information. If you want a more private Internet experience, try a VPN. You can check out our full guide to VPNs here.

Keep a clean inbox

With so many phishing scams out there it’s important to keep an eye out for malicious emails so you don’t become a victim. Before you open an email make sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the email from an unknown sender?
  • Are there spelling or grammar mistakes in the email or subject line?
  • Did a trusted program mark it as spam?
  • Does this remind you of a recent scam you’ve been warned of?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these you may want to think twice before opening and clicking on that email. You can check out our full guide here for how to keep a clean inbox.

Make sure to practice Internet Safety with your email as well!

Be careful what you download

The most common way for cybercriminals to infect your computer is via downloads. It can be anything from a program, application, document, or even a picture – at the end of the day, malware can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The best way to ensure that your computer is as safe as it should be is to be careful about what you download. If you don’t have an active antivirus program like McAfee Total Protection, you’ll have to be more vigilant about your downloads. Make sure it’s from a trusted site or sender, and use a bit of judgement to gauge how suspicious the download seems.

Make sure all your programs and applications are up to date

As we’ve covered in Internet Safety 101, updating your antivirus program is essential when it comes to protecting your computer. But you may not realize that keeping ALL your programs up to date is equally as important. Updates exist to patch and protect your computer; in some cases, cybercriminals are able to exploit vulnerabilities in your computer caused by programs and applications that haven’t been updated!

Windows 7, for example, has stopped providing updates and patches for its users. This means that if any sort of vulnerability is found on your Windows 7 computer, you’re on your own. Especially since Microsoft does not recommend updating your Windows 7 computers to Windows 10. This forces may users to buy a brand new computer which can be very expensive. However, we have a better solution!

Image of the StartMeStick plugged into a computer.

If you’re a Windows 7 user and you need to breathe a new life into your old computer, then the StartMeStick may be what you’re looking for!

The StartMeStick eliminates the need to replace computers when they slow down or stop receiving security updates. It is like brand new every time you use it! Learn more here. It will allow you to keep your computer, save money, and reduce waste!

That’s it for our series on Internet Safety. To test your knowledge, see if you can pass our ultimate Internet Safety Quiz.

Have any questions about anything we posted? Or maybe you want us to cover another topic – leave it in the comments below!


  1. John -

    I thank you for all the great tips you have provided to your continued users for FIXMESTICK, the question I have for you is,” when my renewal comes up and I am using Windows 7 and I purchase a Windows 10 will my renewal continue to work with Windows 10 or I would have to re-register for another FixMeStick account”

    • Linda -

      Hi John, that’s a good question. If you update your Windows 7 computer to Windows 10, your FixMeStick will continue to work on this computer as long as it’s on an active subscription. You do not have to open a new FixMeStick account. You can email if you have any other questions about this

  2. Pam -

    I love using my FixMeStick on a monthly basis and how it’s keeping my laptop safe. Will there come a day when I will be able to use it on my tablet, I sure hope you are working on a stick. Thank you

  3. Anonymous -

    Once again great tips for keeping all your users safe when online, I myself use the F-secure antivirus software provided by my ISP and it has online Banking security which informs me every time I use online shopping or banking.
    Also I use trusteer rapport by IBM which is recommended by my bank and I find them to be very good

  4. Deanna Vowles -

    I love my Fixmestick and the fact that I get reminded to use it every month. Great customer support!!

  5. Leona Burns -

    Thank you so much for sending me up-dates in securing my computer from getting viruses. Regarding Facebook, I do not have their program on my computer.
    One thing that concerns me is that when I have looked up something on the computer to find out where I might purchase it, it frequently shows my postal code at the bottom left corner of my page and whatever I have been looking for will show up on my screen repeatedly after looking it up. If I want to purchase something that is only offered on line, I look for the company’s phone number and order it over the phone, as I have had a bad experience trying to buy on line and I do not trust the system. Should I be concerned about my postal code showing up, as I am wondering how this is happening?
    I am considering purchasing a cell phone and want to include the internet on it. How safe and secure is the internet on cell phones, and what can I do to keep it safe? Are the systems safe so that you can look up your bank account on them? Any information you can give me on cell phones, would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your help and will look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Leona,

      At one point you may have told your browser to save your address. That’s why it knows your postal code. It’s not usually a problem. But if you are concerned we recommend NordVPN – it makes all your browsing private so if you look up a product it won’t repeatedly keep showing up. You can check it out here.

      A good thing about NordVPN is that it can be used on up to 6 devices and will cover your cell phone too. Cell phones are safe to use the Internet on, however you need to be careful like you are with your regular computer. That means having strong passwords, using an antivirus and being smart.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!


  6. Robin Gagnon -

    Thank you for your helpful sharing of knowledge, as always. Question:
    The instructions which I have for running fixmestick state that I should plug it into my computer’s USB port, then run fixmestick.exe, at which point fixmestick runs an update, and then shuts down the computer in order to boot the system from fixmestick itself. My question is this: This procedure for running fixmestick involves connecting it to a computer on which the OS is running, and therefore presumably any malware. Wouldn’t such a procedure permit the malware to attack and sabotage fixmestick? How is such a malware attack upon fixmestick prevented by fixmestick? Should I disregard the instructions I possess and always start fixmestick from a cold boot, so that fixmestick would never be exposed to any active malware?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Robin,

      Great question – after you click FixMeStick.exe and it reboots the computer to the FixMeStick itself it restarts the computer which doesn’t allow the malware to interfere. As soon as your computer is off, the malware is too. You can start from a cold boot but it will be the same for the FixMeStick OS environment.

      Let us know if you have other questions.


  7. Paul Lanctot -

    Thank you for all those good tips.
    I use my fix stik monthly.

  8. Shirley -

    How do I use my fix it on my cell phone?
    Or do you have on for cellphone’s?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Shirley, unfortunately FixMeStick is not compatible with tablets or cellphones.

  9. Hony -

    Yeah, I agree that NordVPN deserves a mention here. I use them for a while (protection online for me is really important), and I find them very stable. (it’s really great while traveling, cause you can select from plenty of servers all over the world).

  10. Richard Brooks -

    My fix me stick has kept my old computer working fantastically which I really appreciate because I cannot afford to get a new one not for a long long long time so I’m very thankful that FixMeStick has done such a marvellous job with helping keep my computer running like new and keeping it safe and its components safe from harm so thank you from the bottom of my heart from people that just can’t afford any kind of damage done to their computer you guys are remarkable people

    • Linda -

      Hi Richard, thank you for your feedback. We’re glad to see FixMeStick has been working out for you so far!

  11. Gerardette -

    Fixmestick has helped both our laptops and a desktop for a few years now. We also like the emails of tips and reminders. The “Test” is a great refresher and you should have them two or three times a year, especially if there are new things happening-either good or bad on internet security. Keep up the good work!!

    • Linda -

      Hi Gerardette, thanks for trying our quiz! Most people love them so we’ll definitely try to create more. Stayed tuned to our blog to see more quizzes in the future!

  12. Marc -

    The quiz was a waste of my time, someone else might like it tho. As far as Fixmestick I have been running it for about 8 months and it has found nothing and fixed nothing. Don’t think I will renew.


    • Linda -

      Hi Marc, sorry to see that! Feel free to try out our other quizzes, maybe they’ll help. Please note that FixMeStick is a virus removal device so it will only fix virus issues on your computer. I’m not sure what issues you were hoping to fix on your computer, but you can definitely email us at and we’ll look into why it’s happening for you as well as possible fixes.

  13. Kimberley Werr -

    I’ve been using this product for a number of years and got a really good deal on a notorious shopping network (go figure). It’s very effective and reliable and the customer service is outstanding. Hard to mount but I’ve learned a couple things unique to my old Asus laptop thanks to excellent customer service/support and once it gets going it’s aces.

    • Linda -

      Thank you for your comment, Kimberley! If you require any assistance at any time in the future, we’re always happy to help.

  14. Marie Nickol -

    Greatest thing since popcorn. It solved all my problems about 4 years ago and its still going strong. I love, love, love it.

  15. Anonymous -

    I certainly do appreciate the fact that FivMeStick continually gives upsates to keep me well informed. I have been a victim of a major malware breech and all the headaches it caused me to get everything back to normal. If anything I’m more cautious than ever as to not let a complete stranger hack into my personnel filles on my computer. I have VIPRE which checks for antivirus, but with the addition of FixMeStick I have found that virus can still try to hack my computer. On one occasion after running a check there was an item found, and FixMeStick was able to remove it completely. The whole thing is that no one thing can guarantee your computer is 100% free from being attacked. Although it seems that I’m super cautious it’s becauseas my mother always said “The Devil Never Sleeps” so also do Hacker’s.

  16. L E Smith -

    I have “much” trouble to get my fixmestick to begin. I like the system it uses, but, I need help to get it going.
    I am surprized I passed the test!

    • Linda -

      Congrats on passing the test and sorry to see that you are having trouble using your FixMeStick. We’ve reached out to you by email so we can help you troubleshoot the issue, please check your email. Thank you!

  17. Randy Fisher -

    I admire the Fixmestick approach to educating those, who log into your website, on various methods, applications and approaches to “safe surfing” and on-line purchases.
    Ignorance is expensive and those, who dare prey on the unsuspecting, know this. Fixmestick is an education site, as well as, providing essential “tools” like the Fixmestick device and other computer tools, to supply its users, along with “keep safe knowledge” to remain confident. Doing one’s part is essential.

  18. Thomas Purscelley -

    How do I get my registration number for my fixmestick To register
    on another machine I’m only using it on one I had bought it to be able to use it on three computer I think.

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Thomas,

      Good question! You actually don’t require a registration number to properly register your device. The FixMeStick automatically registers once a scan is launched on your computer, so there’s no need to manually register.

      Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions 🙂

    • Jonathan -

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been running into difficulties with your StartMeStick. If you’d like us to lend a hand getting it started, you can email us at, where one of our representatives can help troubleshoot the issue.

      We look forward to hearing from you!

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Lisa,

      It’s entirely up to you! If it’s a new laptop that hasn’t gotten much use yet, you likely don’t need to run the FixMeStick just yet. With that being said, we still recommend running a scan every so often just to make sure you stay on top of viruses!

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