If You’re With T-Mobile You Should Read This

T-Mobile, America’s third largest mobile network, suffered a data breach leaking information of 2.2 million customers, representing almost 3% of their customer base. Read on to learn more.

T-Mobile released this statement on August 20th, the day the internal team began noticing unusual activity. The hackers were able to access subscriber’s names, billing zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers, and account types, but no financial information.

This is not the first time T-Mobile’s internal system has suffered a breach. In 2015 their credit card vendor Experian was hacked and released the passports, driver’s licenses, social security numbers, and other personal information of over 15 million people.

Brace Yourself For Phishing

If T-Mobile tries to contact you remember typos signal phishing. Phishing scams land in your inbox and prompt you to release personal information or details to verify your accounts and identity. Be proactive and verify with T-Mobile here to make sure they did indeed notify you.

Even if you aren’t with T-Mobile you should get a password manager to keep your accounts secure. Don’t let anyone access your accounts by updating your passwords regularly. Dashlane does this for you and the best part is you can try Dashlane for free today!

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