Here’s How You Can Speed Up Your Slow PC

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your computer running slowly, even after a FixMeStick scan?
  2. Have you tried different solutions but the problem remains?
  3. Are you having trouble opening programs and experiencing freezing?

We have a solution! Keep reading to find out how to easily speed up your computer. 


Malware can creep into your operating systems and wreak havoc to program functions, browsing convenience, and even network speed. But what if your run a FixMeStick scan and it removes the malware, but your computer still isn’t as fast as you’d like? FixMeStick is known for it’s incredible ability to remove viruses, but what if your computer’s slowness isn’t due to a virus? 

Your system may operate poorly due to:

  • Changed settings in your operating system and browser
  • Unnecessary memory-consuming files left on your hard drive
  • Internet junk files left idle in your system
  • Broken registry files  

A fast, efficient, and safe solution is System Mechanics, a PC optimization tool, compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. We worked with System Mechanic to get FixMeStick customers an exclusive discount so you can be sure your computer is running its fastest. Save on System Mechanic today!

What does System Mechanic do?

  • Restores your PC’s speed and performance by removing clutter easily
  • Improves speed by adjusting apps to unleash more speed
  • Optimizes startup by removing startup bottlenecks
  • Repairs registry to help programs run smoothly
  • Unlocks trapped RAM when you need it most
  • Improves operating system settings to make browsing and gaming smoother
  • Increase system stability
  • Works exclusively on all your home PCs

Like your car, your PC requires regular maintenance to prevent slowdowns, crashes and even potential system failures. Together with FixMeStick, make sure your computer is clean and optimized to perform at peak performance.