If You Know Someone That Has This Toy – Be Careful. What Hackable Toys Can Teach Us About Security.

Last week it was announced that CloudPets, a brand of bluetooth-enabled smart toys, are being pulled from the online stores of Walmart, Amazon, eBay and Target. CloudPets allow children to record and receive audio messages via the cloud and an iOS or Android app. Keep reading to discover why these children toys are a cyber security threat. 

Researchers discovered that more than a half a million people who bought CloudPets had their personal data exposed. Even worse, it was revealed that CloudPets had received reports marking the Bluetooth vulnerabilities in the toys in early 2017, and neglected to respond to these reports.

The vulnerable CloudPets software is yet another example of how hackers will take advantage of seemingly innocent products, such as children’s toys, to steal personal data and hold it for ransom. Instead of trusting in the products to be safe and secure, why not take your family’s personal security into your own hands? We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for keeping the whole family safe and secure:

1. Do your research – when brainstorming the next gadget to get your child, do your research first. Always check product reviews, and look for articles detailing the security of the product. While you’re researching, make sure you’re visiting credible websites with addresses that begin with https://, rather than http://.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera and location services when you’re not in a secure location or if you’re not using them. These features can give hackers and others open access to your devices. You can usually find this in the “Settings” section of your device.

3. Get a VPN to protect yourself online. Virtual Private Networks encrypt your searches, so if you’re connected your online traffic must pass through that server before it loads on your device. This way, even if someone accesses your browsing history, it’ll be encrypted making it harder to read so your browsing activity stays private. Have this security for 70% off here

4. Practice strong security on all your devices. McAfee Total Protection provides security for all the devices connected to your home network. This will ensure your whole family is protected in real time while they surf the web. Click here to try McAfee Total Protection today.

5. Teach everyone in your family how to run a FixMeStick scan. The more people in your household who know how to run the scan, the easier it will become to stay on top of consistent anti-malware protection. After reading this article, run a scan with your whole family!