How to Stop Advertisers From Tracking You

Ever looked at a product on a shopping site, only to find an ads for the site you just left show up everywhere you look? This is not only annoying, it also raises troubling privacy concerns since we usually can’t know which data these companies collect about us and how it is used exactly. Most of online tracking is harmless, but here are ways to opt-out of the major advertising networks:

Alternatively, you can always use the private/incognito mode of your browser, which will erase all cookies after you’re finished. Here is how to use it in Chrome.

Finally, some computer viruses are linked to malicious ad networks. We recommend running a FixMeStick scan at least once of month for added protection.


  1. The FixMeStick® Team -

    Hi Helen,

    This is true. File Vault is a disc encryption similar to BitLocker. Since it encrypts your hard drive, FixMeStick cannot read your drive. You will need to disable File Vault in order to run the FixMeStick.

    The FixMeStick® Team

  2. The FixMeStick® Team -

    Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately the FixMeStick is only compatible with desktop and laptop computers running a version of Windows from Windows xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

    The FixMeStick® Team

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