How To Keep A Balance Between Technology And The Outdoors This Summer

How is it already JULY? Summer is slipping away and if you feel like you’ve been spending too much time on your devices and not enough fun in the sun then here are 5 tips to help keep a good balance between technology and the outdoors!

1. Create summer ground rules – put expectations in place and keep a check on the tech time. A great idea is for every hour of screen time, require your child to something else productive for at least an hour. Keep it fun by setting up a reward system!

2. Carve out the time to be together – make a summer bucket list of fun things you still want to do this summer and try to do them all! Think board game nights, rafts, puzzles, family projects – they all make great memories.

3. Don’t slack in the security department¬†FixMeStick– you don’t want to waste any time that’s left of summer stuck inside trying to remove a virus. Make sure you have an up-to-date antivirus running all the time and run your FixMeStick once a month to keep that computer clean.

4. Set a tech curfew –¬†that means after a certain time no more devices – this will help you get the sleep you need to get everything completed on your summer bucket list.

5. Try to have a balanced perspective –¬†kids only know a world with technology so for them separating from their device is harder than we understand. Keep this in mind as your work towards the perfect balance for your family.


  1. Paul Paton -

    Thanks guys for your constant reminders of online problems…I am a current FixMEStick user and I love your product…please just keep doing what you are doing……….

    Paul Paton

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Thanks Paul! Great to hear from loyal customers like yourself.

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