How to Find Safe Video Streaming Websites

Giving up cable shouldn’t mean giving up your favorite TV shows or your online safety. But where to start when searching for your favourite movies and shows online? This week we rounded up some reliable streaming services to help you avoid those high risk sites.

Safe Streaming (with free trials!)

  • Netflix The reigning queen for online streaming. It’s safe, provides consistent new content, and only $8.99/month.
  • Hulu  Original content, access to major networks, and no cancellation penalty! For $39.99/month you can access everything you love about TV, with half the commercials.
  • Amazon Video  For an annual fee that works out to $8.25/month, you will have unlimited access to Amazon Prime Instant Video and Amazon Music, free two-day shipping on your purchases, and a free Kindle book each month. This is the perfect choice for online shoppers.
  • Sling TV One of the few online streaming services that provides comparable options to regular cable, including live TV. For only $20.00/month you receive access to ESPN, ESPN 2, NBC, BBC America, CNN, Cartoon Network, TBS and the Food Network. It’s the cheapest alternative to a traditional cable package.
  • PlayStation Vue Sony’s alternative to cable. Much like Sling, it offers live TV at a discounted price. The biggest advantage PlayStation holds is its DVR function– meaning you can record games and save them for later. The catch is you need a PlayStation, but if you already have one, this can be a great alternative.
  • HBO GO/ HBO NOWFor those exclusive shows like Game of Thrones, Veep, and Curb your Enthusiasm, HBO is now available for streaming in addition to your current TV subscription or separately for $14.99/month.
  • YouTube For those who view movies only occasionally, YouTube provides a movie rental/purchase option. Simply search the movie  you’d like to view and look for the blue “View now for *price*” button. Hint: pay attention to the length of the video, this will help you when searching for the correct option.
  • TV network websites Most TV networks will have their original content available for streaming on their websites. Some popular choices include CBS, CBC, The CW, and TLC.
  • Chromecast a device you plug into your TV that allows you to view content from your laptop or phone on your TV! Avoid getting locked into a contract, save money, and don’t risk illegal streaming.

Safe browsing tips:

  • Use a reputable browser: click here for more information about the importance of a safe browser and how to download Google Chrome.
  • Reset your browser: click here for instructions.
  • Use an adblocker: click here to chose the safest adblocker for you!
  • Remember router safety: recent new malware threats are now targeting your internet router. Click here for tips on how to stay safe.
  • Scan with FixMeStick: nothing beats computer safety like the original USB solution, removing malware that your existing antivirus programs are unable to detect.


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