Staying Connected With Your Friends and Family May Be Easier Than You Thought

Spending time with friends and family is something that we all take for granted – it’s easy to get caught up with life, especially when factors like time and distance impact your ability to see other people. Rather than let these relationships pass you by, technology has come a long way when it comes down to how you can communicate with others.

Staying in Touch Can Sometimes Seem Impossible

Regardless of the situation, there are still ways you can stay connected with the people in your life, even if it may not be face to face. Here are some tips for you and your loved ones to stay connected despite the distance!

Schedule a Family Video Call

Apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype are not just great for business calls, but they can be used for keeping in touch with your family as well! Zoom, for example, has been thrust into the spotlight recently due to its easy use and popularity amongst businesses and classrooms, but it’s also a great app for scheduling family video calls.

We know that a video call can never beat face to face interaction, but it’s still nice to keep in contact with everyone and catch up with a video call. Routinely setting up these calls is a great way to keep everyone in the family updated, and does wonders for any stress and loneliness that social distancing might bring.

If you’re interested in setting up a Zoom meeting with your loved ones, you can always follow these steps!

Plan a Movie Night

Even if distance keeps you apart, movie nights don’t have to be a thing of the past. There are a bunch of apps out there that will allow you to watch movies and TV shows with other people online. Many of these apps allow users to customize their own profile, and enter a chat where you can send messages and emojis while you continue to watch your movie.

Keep in mind that some of these apps may require you use a specific browser (such as Chrome) or a specific streaming site (such as Netflix), but other than that, the setup is fairly simple – so you can sit back with some snacks and watch some films with your loved ones.

Board games, anyone?

While at home, you can take some of your favourite rainy day activities and do them online with your friends and family. One popular activity is the timeless act of playing board games – which is a great way to pass the time with the people you love.

The app Tabletop Simulator, for example, allows users to play virtually any board game available, ranging from classics such as chess and checkers, all the way to more modern games such as Euphoria and Settlers of Catan.

Take some time out of your day to schedule a designated games night with your family! Just because you may not be in the same house, doesn’t mean you should miss out on quality time. 

Use Social Media to Stay Connected

Social media can be a very useful tool in staying up to date with everything that’s going on, and it can also be used to keep in touch with your friends and family. Whether it’s simply sharing updates about your current experience, or even commenting on the posts of friends, family, and groups you’re interested in.

On the other hand, if you feel like social media is becoming too much, it’s okay to take a break. It’s easy to get caught up with everything going on, and it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed or burnt out. Taking a break from time to time is definitely recommended – it’s nice to take a step back and focus on more calming things.

With all that being said and done, not being able to see your friends and family can definitely leave you feeling down – but technology is constantly changing and providing new means of contact through applications and online resources. 

While nothing beats face to face interaction, you can try out some of suggestions as a nice substitute!


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