Are You Doing the Most for Your Computer’s Security?

Computer security may not seem like a big deal for some, but with many aspects of life being centred around online work, having some semblance of computer security is crucial for maintaining your safety.

Are you doing the most for your computer’s security? Scroll down to try our quiz to see how much of a security whiz you may be.

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How Secure Is Your Computer?

With new scams and viruses popping up every day, it’s important to stay up to date with your cybersecurity. Take this quiz to find out how secure your computer really is!

Keep in mind that some answers are partially correct – so try to choose the best answer for each case!

If you are confused about any of the questions, you can check out the detailed solutions to each question here.

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  1. Linda L. Holloway -

    I had a perfect score, but am not able to use FixMeStick on my Kindles as they do not have a usb port. Is there an available adapter that makes it possible to use my FixMeSticks on my Kindles which I use much more than my desk top or laptop computers ???

    • Linda -

      Hi Linda, thanks for your interest and for trying our quiz! Unfortunately, the FixMeStick is designed for desktop and laptop computers. It will not work on Kindle systems. Sorry about the inconvenience!

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