QUIZ! How Much Do You Know About E-Waste?

Did you know that globally, we generate around 40 million tons of electronic waste each year, and as much as 85% of these electronic wastes are sent to landfills instead of being recycled?

For Earth Day, we’ve created a fun quiz to see how much you know about e-waste! Share your score on social media to challenge your friends. 

Prepare Yourself for Earth Day with our E-Waste Quiz

You can check out all the answers here.

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  1. Anonymous -

    I have always used the e waste facility in my area. I was very pleased that I knew as many of the answers as I did. I really rely on my fixmesyick.

  2. Anonymous -

    About 18 months ago I tried taking old phones to the e-waste, and was told that they could no longer take these because the Canadian Government did not have any way to dispose of them, and that the only thing I could do is throw them in the regular garbage. I even wrote to the government, but only received a reply from our local MLA, who gave me a bunch of exuses as to why they could not take them. Just thought I would share my experience, and explain my “wrong” answer.

    • Linda -

      Hi there, thanks for your comment! I’m sorry to see your previous experience with recycling your old phone. You can check out this website for more information about recycling your old phones and accessories as well as for available drop-off locations near you: https://www.recyclemycell.ca/ . Most smartphone sellers also offer Trade-In options where you can drop off your old phone to receive a discount on a new one.

  3. Monette D Jones -

    I didn’t know all of the answers but I was surprised that I knew most of them

  4. Anonymous -

    I’ve learned over the decades as technology has increased to always take my old computers to an e-waste facility or give my old cell phones to an organization that can use them. My fixmestick is one of the best purchases I’ve ever done.

  5. Ray -

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  6. anonymous -

    I knew all the answers; however I like to donate old working phones to a sistercare projects instead of using e waste.

  7. Kim Burks -

    I use my fixme stick once a week every week it’s easy fast AND acuright period! My ewaste goes to the ewaste recycling depot for the good of the EARTH!!!!!????

  8. Anonymous -

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  9. Anonymous -

    Thanks for the quiz, very informative. I always use the recycling facility for used electronics. Rely on fix me stick from time to time as it takes about 7 hours to get it done.

  10. R. Wood -

    Very informative quiz, I always take my used electronics to the recycling depot.
    I use my fix me stick now and then

  11. Anonymous -

    Thanks… Fixmestick

    Gratfull for your good service

  12. Frank Hawboldt -

    Excellent review and liked the time and information provided. Keep them coming please.

    • Linda -

      Thanks for your feedback, Frank! Definitely stay tuned to our blog as we publish new content every week.

  13. JoMamma -

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    • Linda -

      Hi there, sorry to see that, we’d like to help! However, I wasn’t able to locate a FixMeStick account associated with your email address. Could you send us an email to support@fixmestick.com along with the serial number printed on the side of your FixMeStick? We can definitely take a look at the issue that you are having and help you troubleshoot it.

  14. Christine Oneson -

    Do you need to keep the StartMeStick plugged in all the time, every time you use a computer?

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      Depending on what your original computer is like, it may be the best option to run the StartMeStick whenever you’d like to use your computer. If your original computer is running into issues like slowdown, lagging, or lack of security (which tends to be the case with Windows 7 computers), then constantly using the StartMeStick is probably the best idea.

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      Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

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