How Does your Country Rank in Terms of “Digital Quality of Life”?

A recent study, carried out in 65 countries, covering 5.5 billion people looks to rank country’s digital quality of life based on 6 critical criteria:

  1. The speed of internet connectivity
  2. Internet affordability
  3. Cybersecurity of a country
  4. The availability of data protection laws
  5. E-Government services availability
  6. Global content access

Keep reading to check out where your country ranks.

Why is this important?

Today, more than half the world’s population is using the internet. This means, more than ever, our lives are affected by our digital well-being. On average, we spend almost 7 hours per person, per day online. Therefore, it’s important to be able to critically assess and discuss our digital environments.

Who has the best ‘Digital Quality of Life’?

1. Australia (0.7992)

Number 1 is Australia, with first place is mobile affordability and top tier data protection and content availability.

2. France (0.7985)

France is second, with top tier data protection and content availability as well. They also placed 3rd for cybersecurity of a country.

3. Singapore (0.7854)

Third is Singapore. They ranked number 1 for broadband speed, number 2 for e-government service availability and top tier for data protection.

Canada ranked 6th, the U.S. ranked 11th and the U.K. came it at 17th.

You can check out the complete ranking here.

The Key Takeaways

  • We see that the digital quality of life (DQL) of a country correlates with the country’s GDP/capita. However, well-developed internet infrastructure doesn’t equate to a high DQL. Cybersecurity and personal data protect is essential in today’s world.
  • The median DQL is 0.6110/1.000, which means overall our DQL is mediocre, with no country scoring over 0.8000. There are drawbacks in various areas that we need to improve on. A crucial step is investing in mobile internet to ensure the sustainable improvement of the DQL.

Who’s ranking are you most surprised about? Leave us a comment below.


  1. sebastian 43 -

    Cool, according to the research my country ranks 18th! I have Surfshark vpn but I didn;t know that they did this type of researches, which are really interesting to read and expand your knowledge. Hopefully, this is not the last one and we’ll have them every year!

    • Linda -

      Hi Ronald, if your FixMeStick is a Mac version, you can use it on your Mac by following the instructions here.

  2. Anonymous -

    I am most surprised at Canada`s ranking in this survey…we should be in the top 3…why are we not?

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