How Can Everyone Ensure Online Safety?

It’s week 3 of Cyber Security Awareness Month, and we’re looking at how it’s everyone’s job to ensure online safety! New threats are being identified every four seconds – and they’re more sophisticated, frequent, and severe. Ransomware in particular is up 42% in 2018, according to McAfee. Keep reading to learn how to be #CyberAware when it comes to ransomware.

2018 has been anything but quiet when it comes to ransomware attacks. Remember when the PGA was attacked by ransomware? Or multiple healthcare centers? Maybe you or someone you know had a ransomware scare? Let’s look back at some of the most popular attacks to learn how we can all be safer online!

March 2018: SamSam Ransomware

June 2018: Scarab Ransomware

September 2018: Obama Ransomware & Kraken Cryptor Encrypted Files

October 2018: GandCrab & NotPetyaForum post

If ransomware can teach us anything, it’s that we all need to be proactive and prepared when it comes to cyber security. Antivirus is just one aspect of your cyber security toolbox. You need multiple lines of defense and to have a back-up plan!

Here at FixMeStick we use Picture Keeper! If ransomware attacks or your computer happens to crash, it can rob you of more than just hardware. It’ll take with it irreplaceable photos and memories. Picture Keeper is the easiest solution for your computer backup needs. TRY IT TODAY FOR 50% OFF!

All you have to do is plug Picture Keeper into a USB port and click “Start Backup”. Your computer then automatically finds and stores all your precious memories. Picture Keeper does all the work for you – no need to install software, select folders, or drag-and-drop files.

Amazing reasons we recommend Picture Keeper

  • Automatic Backup of your favorite photos
  • Skips duplicate photos
  • Easily restores photos to other computers
  • Easily shares your photos with family and friends
  • Works with digital photo frames
  • Protects photos from Facebook and backup email attachments

Picture Keeper is our go-to backup plan. Save 50% with code FMSPK50 (at checkout) – why not try it? Don’t let a ransomware attack rob your of your precious memories.

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    • FixMeStick -

      Hey there Daniel, you’re right that CTRL + ALT + DEL is a good way to force close adware that splashes across your screen!

  1. John Objartel -

    Every time I go on line it seems every time I get a Berber message that my computer has been compromised and to call a number to fix it . I never have done that I always do a hard shut down and the run fix me stick and viper. Never had problems after until going on line again with Wells Fargo and as recent today with Microsoft . So sick of this!!!!

    • Jessica Szarek -

      Hey there John, we’re sorry to hear this! That CTRL + ALT + DEL sequence Daniel mentioned above is a good way to exit out of these jarring messages. If you have more specific questions you can contact our support at or visit our livechat on

  2. Paulette -

    Hi Daniel. Thanks for your pro-active approach against those pesky/horrible ransomware that comes up everyday, or, as soon as one innocently clicks on a link.

    I have a question. I have a 21 yr. autistic nephew whose only social outlet (which seems to be the least dangerous for him in terms his personal safety) is playing video games or watching video tutorials online. We teach him not to click on anything he sees on his screen (esp. about games like super mario and the likes) but he still does (we observe him) and then he gets so frustrated that his laptop freezes or shuts down. His dad installed McAfee and I tried to gift them with FixMeStick which I bought from TSC. His dad thinks McAfee is enough but I disagree.

    Is there any reading material or site that I can email him to go into to believe that his computers at home need it? He also uses his own desktop (separate fr his son but in same network) for business.

    Also, what would you recommend for my nephew’s desktop protections re. gaming / watching utube gaming demos?

    • Jessica Szarek -

      Hey there Paulette, thanks for sharing this with us! Here’s an article on what differentiates FixMeStick from McAfee: McAfee runs 24-7 realtime protection whereas FixMeStick scans your computer while your OS is off, enabling it to clean malware that has slipped past McAfee. For gaming and youtube sites you can install an adblocker to ensure your nephew doesn’t see those click-bait ads. Choose the right one for his browser and download it for free here:

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