Hackers Are Infecting Your Computer With This Sneaky Trick

We all make mistakes, it’s normal! But when can an innocent mistake lead to trouble? A hacker’s job is to look for vulnerabilities; be it in an operating system, software program, or even a human weakness. Can your typing be the cause of your malware infection? Keep reading to find out.

Typo-squatting is a hacker-created means to take advantage of your typing mistakes to lead you to malicious websites. Hackers will set up fake websites that mimic the real site you are attempting to access, based off of common typing errors. For example: “Gooogle.com” for “Google.com.” Most often these sites are used to steal your passwords, credit card information, and ultimately your identity. 

Malicious software can be downloaded onto your computer simply by visiting the site – no other actions required. This is what is referred to as a “drive-by” download. Click here for more information on how to stay safe from this type of malware. Not only is your computer vulnerable to these sites, but also your smartphone and tablet.

Websites such as apple.com, google.com, and facebook.com take up a very high percentage of internet search traffic. It is likely any common error or variant of these domain names has been purchased by hackers for malicious use to infect as many users as possible.

5 Ways to Stay Safe: 

1. Pay close attention to what you’re typing. It’s better to go slower, triple-check, and stay safe, than to accidentally expose yourself to malware.

2. Watch out for phishing scams. Never open emails, attachments, or click on links from someone you do not know. If you happen to be redirected away from your email, read the web address carefully. These types of phishing scams are starting to become prevalent in text messages as well. Be sure not to click on a link from a contact you do not recognize. Simply delete the message and move on.

3. Consider getting a safe-search tool. McAfee, one of our trusted antivirus partners, provides a very effective firewall while you’re browsing the internet. This comes free with McAfee Total Protection. You can get a special discount on McAfee because you’re a FixMeStick customer click here to learn more.

4. Reset your browser regularly. This will clear cookies and your cache. The longer these collect on your browser, the more information they hold, and combined with malware, your personal data is highly at risk. Click here to learn more about cookies, and how to reset your browser.

5. Run a FixMeStick scan. If you think you could have visited a trick website, run a FixMeStick scan immediately. This will ensure that any malware that may have made its way onto your system is removed.

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