[HACK ALERT] Quora Hack Affects 100 Million Users

Have you ever queried about something on Quora? If so you might be in for a rude awakening. On November 30th Quora found a remote third party hacker was accessing one of the site’s systems, they released a statement about it on Monday, December 3rd. CEO Adam D’Angelo has assured that the breached system is no longer vulnerable and a digital investigation is underway. Keep reading to learn more. 

What was compromised?

  • Account information like names, email addresses, passwords, and data from links posted
  • As well as both public comments and actions and non-public comments and actions like ‘down votes’ or direct messages.
  • Anonymous commenters were not affected as Quora doesn’t collect or store their data.

The investigation is ongoing, Quora so far hasn’t released how long this malicious third party had access to the information. Happily Quora doesn’t collect especially sensitive data like credit cards and social security numbers.

What are measures you can take?

  • Quora will reach out to affected users directly via email.
  • Quora logged out all affected users and is forcing them to change their passwords. You can learn how to change your password on the Quora platform here.
  • If you recycle passwords across platforms be sure to change the ones that resemble the one you used for Quora. Use Dashlane Password Manager to make this easier every time there’s a breach. You can get it at a premium price here!
  • Contact the Quora help center here for answers and contact information. You can request a complete overview of the data Quora holds on you. It also lists where to report phishing behaviour.

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