How to fix an infected computer

Recognizing an infected computer is half the battle. The next question is: how do you fix computer virus? Learn the art of computer virus removal.


Once a computer has been hit by viruses your antivirus becomes ineffective and the removal process becomes a massive headache.

As soon as an infected computer starts up, malicious software embedded in the core of the system starts working hard to avoid detection. Specific viruses like rootkits are capable of hiding deep in your system, compromising any detection and removal attempts.

But do not worry. This isn’t a lost cause! You can remove even the most deeply rooted malware by using an external virus removal device like the FixMeStick!


When experts talk about external virus removal, they’re referring to anti-virus hardware solutions that are hosted on storage devices like USB keys.

Unlike your conventional real time anti-virus software, these external devices are completely independent from your computer and runs a scan in it’s own operating system to remove viruses.

Malware may trick an infected operating system into ignoring them, but those tricks don’t work on an external device like FixMeStick !

It scans while your computer is offline, this means that the viruses are also offline and powerless to hide. That’s how the FixMeStick swoops in and eliminates them.


Looking for a smart virus removal solution ? Why not trying the FixMeStick !

The FixMeStick is an external, hardware device that runs before your computer starts enabling it to remove viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits, and malware that anti-virus programs often cannot, so that you can keep the computer you have.

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It’s important to have the right tools to keep your computer clean, but computer safety starts with you!

Get the best practices in computer security:  Follow these easy tips to significantly reduce the likelihood of infection.

Use a real time anti-virus software: They are necessary for prevention, so much that we offer an exclusive 70 % discount on McAfee Total Protection. Click here to claim your discount.

Virus removal tool: You have to scan your computer at least each month with the FixMeStick to get rid of the infection that got past your anti-virus software.


  1. Gerard Vincent -

    Hi….I have the fixmestick and WAS in Fact hit by the petya virus on June 27th. My computer was locked and I shut down…I used the fixmestick .The fixmestick said no viruses were found . I hope that it is gone. Thanks

    • FixMeStick -

      Hi there,

      If you ran a successful scan, you should be good to go!

      The FixMeStick Team

  2. Maria -

    What can i do if my computer frozes while using fix me stuck?

  3. Jerry Riggs -

    Can I get Fix Me Stick to scan my registry to remove errors? Jerry

    • FixMeStick -

      Hi Jerry,

      Anti-virus software scans files as well as other entities like registry entries and cookies. Registry entries and cookies are nice to cleanup. In contrast, the FixMeStick’s target is the infected files that software tools often can’t detect, because the infection blocks the software tool from detecting it. It’s these virus files that root themselves deep into an operating system and that can be impossible to remove without something like a FixMeStick. This fact is supported by Internet Security experts and cyber-security government organizations around the world: cleaning an infected PC requires scanning it from an external clean device, like a bootable USB stick such as the FixMeStick. In summary, it’s perfectly normal and good to use a FixMeStick to clean an infected PC, and to run anti-virus to clean up the inactive left-overs after that.

      The FixMeStick Team

  4. Michael -

    To whom it may concern, my fix me stick freezes at the 3 stage and I needed to reboot my computer. When doing so it said I used 1/6 time but have done nothing to improve my computer. I tried it again and It’s frozen again what do i do so I won’t lose another try 2/6. Thanks.

  5. RickIngram -

    My Fixmestick freezes at the 2nd step.I performed a Factory Upgrade(twice) but unfortunatley the result is the same. I have used this stick for over 2 years problem free. Can it be fixed.

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