Getting Your Computer Ready for Back To School

The time is nearly here! Summer is coming to an end and school is about to start. You’ve got your backpack, all your textbooks, and all the stationary ready for that first day. There’s only one last thing you’ll need to be completely school ready: your computer! Below are some tips to get your computer as ready for school as everything else.

documents-1427202-640x4801. Go through your documents

Your computer has limited space, and as you add more documents to your computer, that space shrinks. Go through all the documents on your computer and decide what you need to keep. That first draft of the essay you wrote two years ago? You could probably delete that. On that note, once everything is deleted you can organize what remains. This makes it a lot easier to find documents later on. Instead of one spot where all the documents go, you could make folders for different subjects and different projects.

2. Make sure you have all the right programs

School can require different programs for different assignments. Sometimes programs like Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word are needed for different classes. Always check and see if your class says anything about programs you’ll need. If it lists something you don’t have, don’t only install it, but also familiarize yourself so you’re ready to go!

3. Clean your computer… physically!

Computers can get dirty so it can be a good idea to do a careful clean of the surfaces. Of course, this doesn’t mean rinsing it with water but you could always wipe it carefully with a slightly damp washcloth. You could also get an air blower to puff the dust out of the keyboard and fans so it doesn’t overheat.

IMG_08954. Clean the computer

Computers can get infected with all sorts of viruses, especially over the summer when you’re using it to play games and surf the internet. Use the FixMeStick to make sure your computer is completely clean of viruses, malware, and trojans! The best part? The scan can take a few hours so make sure to enjoy the last few days of summer outside while the FixMeStick does the work!