Recommendations From Our Team: How To Secure Your Devices

Some of our FixMeStick team members are stepping out from behind their computer screens and taking the spotlight. They’ve offered to share personal cybersecurity recommendations, as well as what inspired them to join the fight for cybersecurity. Let’s hear from the awesome people behind the products!

Marty Algire, Co-founder and CEO

FixMeStick CEO and Co-Founder Marty Algire in a cape holding a dog, Chloe. He is ready to take on viruses with our furry FixMeStick mascot, Chloe
Marty is ready to take on viruses with our furry FixMeStick mascot, Chloe!

What do you find interesting about working in cybersecurity?

I was initially exposed to internet security and privacy at my first job after university. I’ve been in the field ever since (25 years!). Cybersecurity and Internet privacy is interesting to me because of its philosophical and operational impacts on our society. It’s rewarding to me to help people with a practical and cost-effective way to remove infections from their computers.

How do you make sure your own devices are secure?

Even though I’m very technical, I’m sometimes not particularly enthusiastic about technology. To reduce the number of things that could go wrong (‘reduce the attack surface’ in security jargon), I minimalize. I try to run the fewest number of programs on the fewest number of devices and know what each one of them is.

What is something you think everyone should know about cybersecurity and how to secure their digital privacy?

Cybersecurity and internet privacy are wicked problems that affect us individually and sociologically along multiple dimensions. I can’t think of the best single thing everyone should know. The advice that I find myself repeating over and over to my parents and my kids is “Why did you install that? Are you sure you need it?”

Faizan, Accountant

Faizan pictured in his cape, fighting to keep computer's virus-free
Faizan pictured in his cape, fighting to keep computer’s virus-free

How did you become interested in cybersecurity?

Being part of a generation that understands the complexities of navigating the internet safely, I feel it is my responsibility to protect the vulnerable population and spread awareness of the dangers of cybercrime. I feel a great sense of excitement every day to be part of the cybersecurity industry that helps millions of innocent people around the world from cybercriminals.

You are an accountant with access to the company’s critical accounts and data. What do you do to keep them secure?

Two-factor authentication and a cloud-based, encrypted backup.

Victoria Smith, Engineering

 Bug is Victoria's dog and another furry FixMeStick mascot.
Bug is Victoria’s dog and another furry FixMeStick mascot. You won’t find any other ‘bugs’ in our programming!

How did you start working in cybersecurity? I sort of fell into the job a few years ago, but I always had an interest in cybersecurity. It can be so fascinating to see new types of threats surface, and how they can evolve over time.

What is one thing you think everyone should know about cybersecurity and how to secure their digital privacy? Enabling ad-blocking features on your browser can do wonders when you’re surfing the web to make sure you don’t click on anything malicious by accident!

Corey Velan, Co-Founder

Corey is a beacon of FixMeStick pride- sporting a hoodie and a FixMeStick USB, ready to run a scan.
Corey is a beacon of FixMeStick pride- sporting a hoodie and a FixMeStick USB, ready to run a scan.

How did you start working in cybersecurity? What do you enjoy about it?

My first job out of school was working in internet privacy and that company ended up working on antivirus. Technically it is very interesting and challenging to work on and helping end-users is very gratifying.

What are a few things you do to secure your devices and stay safe online?

I use a password manager. It is critical to use different passwords for every site and hard to guess passwords. It is very difficult to remember them all. I use an up-to-date antivirus (McAfee) and run a FixMeStick scan every weekend.

What is one thing you think everyone should know about cybersecurity and how to secure their digital privacy?

It is ideal to have multiple layers of defence because no solution is perfect. That’s why you should use antivirus and FixMeStick and also why FixMeStick uses three engines to scan each file.

Do you have any burning questions for our team members? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Norman -

    Is the Windows 10 built-in security, including the virus & threat protection, inadequate for anti-virus protection? If so, why is it not sufficient and why is McAfee that you recommend any better? I used McAfee several years ago. It was causing an issue with essential software that I was using. I contacted them many times to assist me with this matter and they would never reply. I have never used them again to date but have used other anti-virus software. I have been a subscriber to FixMeStick for many years.

    • FixMeStick/StartMeStick -

      Good question! We recommend McAfee because you can use it on all your devices: PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets.
      Includes automatic updates throughout the life of your subscription. Premium McAfee protection includes identity protection includes dark web monitoring of your email addresses. Sorry to hear you had a negative experience with their customer service team! Typically, getting assistance from an agent at a company like McAfee is far simpler than trying to get assistance from an agent at Microsoft.

  2. Webster Peterson -

    Should I use FixMe Stick if I have Maleware Bites on my computer?

  3. Anonymous -

    I use fixmestick because I got tired of paying the big prices to have some one take the virus’s out of my computer and having to buy another because they could not take them out, so yes I love my fixmestick.
    EVA L.

  4. Anonymous -

    You say leave your email address it will be safe. Not sure you are right as I have quite often done that as I was asked by other reputable firms and still I end up with a hacker that managed to pick up my email a and just about evreything else about me. Just about every day I am warned by Opera to leave that site I happened to be on. I am at the point of giving up the whole thing.
    Tony Nicholson

  5. Lynn Plesetz -

    I have McAfee with Cox and am almost always on my home internet when using my Windows 7 computer and Android phone. I have FMS for my computer but will FMS ever have one for Android and iPhone users. Also is my phone secure if on McAfee Security suite when browsing?

    • FixMeStick/StartMeStick -

      At this time, we’re focusing on our main products for computers. Having antivirus software such as McAfee on your phone is a great way to secure your device!

  6. Claudio Avila -

    I have a iMac computer and have been using geek squad. I haven’t had any problems with security but utilize the service to update computer (new devices, cleaning, etc.) I have two older fix me sticks but I was never able to sue one because with your guys help we’re never able to get it running on one of my computer. My question is would this old fix me stick work on my iMac and I also need a device that would allow me to store photos.

    • FixMeStick.StartMeStick -

      Hi Claudio! Our support team can help you check the status of your old FixMeStick, and whether it will work with your iMac. Please make sure to let them know the serial number on the side of your FixMeStick. You can contact them here:

  7. Jon Hood -

    I bought the package deal a couple of months ago from HSN. I this windows 7 laptop that I was going to put this in. But now with windows 11 coming out I’m thinking about using it on the windows 10 because I HATE that software. There saying they will stop supporting windows 10 in 2025. What do you think, which one should I do. I will not be able to afford another laptop again. Thank you for any help that you can give me. Jon

    • FixMeStick/StartMeStick -

      Hi Jon! You can run the FixMeStick on multiple computers, and if you upgrade to Windows 11 the FixMeStickk will still recognize that that it is the same computer.

  8. Robt Balter -

    I turn off my network adapter and my computer whenever I am not actively using it. Thus, when the bad guys look for me, I am often not there at all.

  9. Anonymous -

    Are viruses involved when u can’t enter a program you have used for almost 2 years?

    • FixMeStick/StartMeStick -

      It depends! Sometimes that can be related to an issue with a recent update to the program, or the computer’s system. A good thing to check for are error messages, or if you’re having this issue with other programs.

  10. Nurudafina Abena -

    I have had a fix me stick for years and love it! How can i use it on my smart phone also please???

  11. Anonymous -

    I don’t know why my fix-me-sick won’t update on this laptop! I have to run a scan on another laptop to update my stick and then run the updated stick on this laptop. If my other laptop dies I will be out of luck. So what was easy is now a chore and I don’t like chores!!! Steve Davis

  12. Anonymous -

    hi i have a fix me stick i now have a new computer and don’t use my old tower any more how can i change it to my new laptop machine

    • FixMeStick/StartMeStick -

      This depends on your subscription! You can email our team at with your FixMeStick serial number (located on the side of your device), and they’ll be able to give you more specifics.

  13. James Hawkins -

    My fix me stick is over 5 years old. It has always worked well but now it does the update but when it says re-imaging, it fails. I am wondering if that is because there have been so many updates over the years that there is no more room. Do I have to buy a new stick? I sent a message last week but didn’t get a response.
    Jim Hawkins

    • FixMeStick/StartMeStick -

      Hi James, sorry if your emails aren’t reaching us. You can also try contacting us via chat at! The re-imaging portion only applies if you’re doing an upgrade of your FixMeStick software, which is only necessary if you’re having issues running a scan.

  14. john courtoreille -

    Hi, I use a Personal Computer and I’m hooked up to the internet through a wireless connection. My FixMeStick works fine at work, which works on a wired connection. Do you have suggestions that will make it work with wireless?

  15. Murray Weiner -

    This person asked you this question but you never answered her. Why noT? How do I enable Ad Blocking features on my computer? Which ad-blocking program would you recommend? Thank you, Barb Nasadyk I would like like to know the answer as well.

  16. Murray S. Weiner -

    Thank you for you quick response but I use Chrome and Firefox rarely. I mainly use AOL Desktop Gold for all my emails, shopping, etc. I don’t know if they have any blockers. Would you know?

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