Get Out Of Sticky Situations In Windows

Since FixMeStick doesn’t install anything on your device it can’t protect your computer while it’s on. Sometimes when clicking the red ‘X’ in the top right of an application doesn’t exit you’ll need to “force quit” to get it off your screen. Keep reading for a helpful tip in case scareware interrupts your peaceful internet surfing.

Here’s how to ‘force quit’ adware on Windows:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt  + Delete (Or Ctrl + Alt + ESC on some computers) on your keyboard.
  2. Choose Task Manager.
    1. Windows 10 and 8: click tab “Processes”.
    2. Windows 7, Vista, XP: click tab “Applications”.
  3. Select the unresponsive application (whichever internet browser you use).
    1. Windows 10 and 8: click “Details”.
    2. Windows 7, Vista, XP: click “Processes”.
  4. Hit ‘End Process Tree’.

Another handy trick you can use: 

  1. Drag the program you want to quit to the front of your screen so no other windows are layered over it. If you can’t do this with your mouse you can also use the ALT + TAB keys on your keyboard. Hold down ALT and tap the TAB key until the program you want to shut down is highlighted, then let go of the keys.
  2. Press and hold the ALT key on your keyboard.
  3. Locate F4 on the top row of your keyboard and press it.
  4. Let go of both keys and the program will end.

Most importantly, don’t click on adware. Remember that legitimate companies don’t invest in such aggressive advertising.

If you think one of these programs could have infected your computer, follow these precautions:

  1. Get a real-time antivirus program, we have a great deal for McAfee.
  2. Run a FixMeStick scan to ensure nothing is hiding on your system.
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