Sneak Peek! Tomorrow – Don’t Miss It!

Get ready! The FixMeStick is going to be on Today’s Shopping Choice as their Showstopper tomorrow, August 25th! This exclusive offer will be the hottest deal of the year. To show how excited we are for this event, we have some fun facts about FixMeStick!

10Over half a million FixMeSticks have been made since the first FixMeStick was created


9The FixMeStick was developed in 2011



8The FixMeStick appeared on Dragon’s Den and all five dragons made offers


7The company started off with only two employees



6The FixMeStick head office is located in Montreal, Quebec


T5he FixMeStick finds thousands of threats per day on average

4-min 2When the light on the end of the FixMeStick is on, that means it’s connected to a power source

3-minThere’s not only a FixMan, but also a FixWoman, and FixDog


2-minThe FixMeStick was created with no external funding



1The FixMeStick doesn’t install anything onto your computer, its program always stays on the stick


0The FixMeStick will be the Showstopper on Today’s Shopping Choice – Friday August 25th – don’t miss out!