FixMeTip: How to Use Your Long Weekend Productively

Take advantage of the Easter long weekend this year to do some desktop-decluttering. This week’s FixMeStick is a 3-step plan for a quick revamp of your system.

#1) File properly.

Do you just save everything to your desktop without carefully naming the file and storing it in the appropriate place? Guilty as charged on my part. A friend recently pointed out that although I make a point of keeping my apartment spotless, this was not a trend that applied to my computer. She made a good point. I wouldn’t leave my clothes lying all over the place so why do I leave my files lying haphazardly all over the place? Whether you want to sort things chronologically or alphabetically, just make sure your file names are short and clear. That way, you can easily search for a specific file.

#2) Be Ruthless.

Haven’t opened that file since 2008? Delete it or save it to a USB storage device. Haven’t played pinball since you smashed the high score in 2013? Delete that program. Deleting things can free up some memory and speed up your computer– and it feels great. Just like donating those old clothes! Remember: When in doubt, cut it out.

#3) Back it Up.

If you followed step #2 correctly, I’m assuming all the stuff you saved are important files or programs. So I’m guessing you wouldn’t want them to be held for ransom. Why not play it safe and back everything up using an external hard drive or online with an app like Dropbox?

Follow these three steps and your computer will be feeling as fresh as a beautiful spring day. Now you can make your friends think you’re a tech whiz by sharing this article with them instead of the traditional cleaning tips! You can thank us later.