FixMeTip: How to Keep Your IoT Devices Secure

With all this talk about the IoT aka the Internet of Things (devices connected to the net click here to learn more), what are some best practices you can follow to stay secure? Here are three simple steps to follow.

  1. Change the default passwords on ALL your devices. No exceptions.
  2. Keep all the software on your devices updated. It can be tempting to hold on to that old version of Windows you are so comfortable with but getting software updates ensures that the manufacturer is providing bug fixes. Software bugs are often the point of entry for hackers. (That’s why it’s a good idea to perform a Factory Upgrade on your FixMeStick every so often)
  3. Make sure you understand all your devices, thoroughly. Take the time to read the manual or ask the salesperson to explain how your device works and what data it is collecting. It can be tedious, but if the vendor does not have an answer on how to keep your device secure– you’re running a risk.

As always, education is key! We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop, stay tuned for more tips and tricks!



  1. niel dainio -

    fix ne stick will not a full scan it only scans 58 files this is on MacBook air can not able to turn off fire vault

  2. Ken Nesbitt -

    My FixMe stick will not work properly on Windows 2000. T wored fine with XP. I had a discussion with one of your tech reps and she got it to work after a lot of tries, but when I went to use it this week again; I could not get it ot work. What can I do

  3. FixMeStick -

    Hi there,

    Please call into our support line at 1-888-530-6125 to resolve this issue. We’ll take a look at what is going on during that scan.

    The FixMeStick Team

  4. FixMeStick -

    Hi Ken,

    The FixMeStick is not compatible with computers running a version of Windows lower than xp. The agent you spoke to should have notified you of this, we apologize if that was not the case!

    The FixMeStick® Team

  5. Ron Jensen -

    Can’t wait to when Fix Me Stick works on Microsoft Surface products.

  6. FixMeStick -

    Hi Ron,

    We’re working on it!

    The FixMeStick® Team

  7. FixMeStick -

    Hi Neil,

    Please contact out support team about this, we can be reached at 1-888-530-6125.

    Thank you!

    The FixMeStick® Team

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