FixMeStick’s Weekly Cybersecurity Roundup: June 2nd – June 8th

Hey there, FixMeFans and StartMeStars! We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. We’re back with another edition of our weekly roundup where we deliver the most recent comings and goings of the cybersecurity world.

This week we’re dealing with accusations of Chinese and Iranian hackers interfering with the upcoming election, lawsuits over Google’s tracking system, and how Apple is changing their password management for the better.

According to an announcement made by Google, Chinese and Iranian hackers are already attempting to breach Biden and Trump’s campaigns for the upcoming 2020 election.

For both parties, it appears that members of the campaign staff received phishing emails prompting individuals for personal information that could be used to gain access to confidential data.

While it does not seem as though either party was successfully hacked, both campaigns are aware of the attempt and have since taken necessary steps to prevent any sort of breach from taking place.

Curious? You can read more on the situation here.

On June 2nd, Google had a $5 billion class-action lawsuit filed against them – the reason being Google’s constant tracking and storage of personal data, even while using private browsing mode.

The complaint lists that Google has been collecting and browsing users’ histories through Google services, such as Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager, as well as Google applications on mobile devices and the Google sign-in button for websites.

The lawsuit claims that with billions of users being affected by this, it seeks $5000 for each affected user, averaging out to the grand total of $5 billion.

To read up more on the situation, you can check it out here! If you’re interested in beefing up your internet security, you can always check out our helpful guide.

With the introduction of Apple’s iOS 14, it seems Apple is taking the opportunity to beef up its security. After introducing iCloud Keychain password manager, Apple announced that its new Password Manager Resources will allow users to create strong passwords that are compatible with popular websites.

Users will be able to generate strong and unique passwords for a variety of different websites, and they will all be ready to access within Apple’s password management system.

This is a key step for Apple, as it promotes users to integrate higher levels of security into their lives while maintaining the same level of ease associated with the Apple product.

You can read more on the update here!

That’s all for this week’s roundup folks! We hope you’re staying safe with all that’s going on, especially when it comes to your cybersecurity!

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