FixMeStick’s Weekly Cybersecurity Roundup: December 8th – December 14th

Hey there, FixMeFans and StartMeStars! We’re back with another edition of our weekly roundup where we deliver the most recent comings and goings of the cybersecurity world.

This week we’re coming to you with news regarding how the UK is introducing fines for ‘harmful’ online content, how US Government networks are being attacked by Russian hackers, and how the European Medicines Agency may have been targeted in a recent COVID-19 vaccine hack.

The UK recently introduced the Online Harms Bill, which includes strict guidelines covering harmful online material such as child sexual abuse, terrorist material, anti-vax conspiracies and more.

Regulator Ofcom (the UK’s communications regulator) will have the power to fine platforms up to £18 million (or roughly $24 million) or 10 per cent of global annual turnover, whichever is higher. This bill is being set into motion to combat the often harmful and hateful information that can be spread throughout the internet, and applies to any organization that hosts user-generated content accessible by users in the UK.

While the bill itself is being met with acclaim, the tricky part is achieving a balance between moderating harmful content, and not encroaching on individual free speech.

You can read more about the Online Harms Bill here.

Recently, reports have surfaced regarding sophisticated Russian hackers targeting US government networks. Believed to be among the largest attacks on federal systems in the past five years, this attack is said to have targeted several government agencies, namely the national Treasury Department.

While Russian foreign ministry described the allegations as unfounded attempts by the US to blame Russia for cyberattacks against US agencies, sources close to the hack indicate otherwise.

However, it appears as though government agencies were not the only ones affected by the hack. The attack, which was centered around a malicious update to SolarWinds’ “Orion” IT monitoring platform, is also used by Fortune 500 companies, US telecommunications companies, and several branches of the military.

You can read up on the security breach here!

Just recently, the European Medicines Agency (EMA for short) was the target of a cyberattack which may have involved data surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

The EMA, which is responsible for the evaluation and approval of medicines in the European Union has been relatively vague regarding the hack, although they did issue a public statement regarding a cyberattack made to their facilities.

While details surrounding the hack are still shrouded in mystery, it is likely that some form of data breach occurred, or even a possible ransomware event, which has been plaguing the medical industry recently.

You can read up on the recent cyberattack here!

That’s all for this week’s roundup folks! We hope you’re staying safe with all that’s going on, especially when it comes to your cybersecurity!

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