FixMeStick’s Weekly Cybersecurity Round-Up: Sept 23rd – 29th

Hey FixMeFans, welcome back to another week of cybersecurity news! Various shocking news stories came about last week involving a familiar food delivery service data breach, significant changes to the most widely used social media platform, a European Court of Justice ruling on the rights of Google, and crucial updates for all Apple users. Don’t miss out on the latest scoops, keep reading!

BREACH ALERT: DoorDash, a food delivery company, finally admits to a data breach almost a full year after customers reported stolen information.

4.9 million users who joined the app before April 5th, 2018, had their names, emails, addresses, phone numbers and passwords stolen by hackers. Customers even had the last 4 digits of their payment cards taken although the company claims full credit card numbers and card verification values (CVV) were not.

Keep your information private by setting unique, strong passwords on all your accounts today.

Starting September 27th, Facebook began hiding ‘like’ counts for all users in Australia. Users will still be able to see the comments but the number of likes will no longer show on any posts. Similar to what has been rolled out on Instagram.

The social media platform will be collecting feedback on the change and will decide whether to extend it to other countries. Facebook hopes to improve user’s well-being and shift the focus to posting quality content, rather than just the number of likes per post. Read more here to find out how this will affect you!

This week the European Court of Justice ruled that the “right to be forgotten” legislation applies only within the European Union. The “right to be forgotten” law grants any citizen the right to request removal of questionable content that comes up after searching their name in Google. 

Canada has ruled against this law in the past as it was seen as a violation of Freedom of Expression, a “passionately defended — right in Canada.”

“We believe that every Canadian has the right to access lawful information,” said Peter Fleischer, Google’s global privacy counsel. The debate on this continues as Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, may already provide such a “right to be forgotten” guarantee. Click here to get the full story

ATTENTION APPLE USERS: Patch your device now! Apple has come out with a new iOS version 13 to fix bugs exposed by Google researchers in the Black Hat conference of 2019. Holes were found to be affecting Apple devices without any involvement of users. Apple has finally taken action to patch these bugs with the release of the new update. 

iOS 13 fixes a data leakage bug related to watching movie files, it increases the security of facial ID recognition, and halts a data leak through a keyboard add-on system. Protect your Apple device, patch now and run a FixMeStick scan on your Mac computer today to stay safe! If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, check out this article on our blog for more tips to get your device running like new.

That’s it for this week’s cybersecurity round-up. See you back here next week for more updates FixMeFans!