FixMeStick’s Weekly Cybersecurity Round-Up: Sept 16th – 22nd

Hey FixMeFans, we’ve got another cybersecurity news roundup for you guys! This past week we saw the familiar, but dangerous, Wannacry virus back on the radar, some advice from a young hacker released from prison, and a data breach at Scotiabank AND Facebook. Continue reading to keep up to date with the most recent cybersecurity threats!

Do you remember WannaCry? This ransomware attack spread rapidly, beginning in May 2017, demanding money from its victims and scrambling their computer’s data!

Microsoft released a patch to fix the worm 2 months prior but not everyone had patched during that period. Even now, many have not patched and are still vulnerable. Read here for the full story. FixMeTip: make sure to update your operating system regularly to patch these bugs!

Kyle Milliken, a 30 year old hacker was released from prison this week and has decided to pursue an honourable career in cybersecurity. His hacking began with marketing spam through email and social media accounts. He relied on users reusing passwords across different online accounts.

“The reuse of login credentials in my opinion is the greatest security flaw that we have today.” Milliken says, and encourages users to employ a variety of passwords across different mediums. 

Here at FixMeStick, we also suggest using different and hard to crack passwords for all your accounts. We know it can be difficult to remember all these passwords, so we recommend using the built in feature of your browser or a password manager, like Dashlane.

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BREACH ALERT! If you’re in Canada and use Scotiabank keep reading! Recently, customers’ private account information was found on a popular online file-sharing site, GitHub.

Customer names, account numbers and other identifying information could be accessed by anyone using this site. Scotiabank claimed its technical team is attempting to remove the information and promises security for its customers. Click here for more details.

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A previous Facebook data breach caused the social media platform to take action to protect its users. Facebook had to rule out “tens of thousands” of apps potentially stealing Facebook user account information. This information was made public for anyone to view and was even previously used to sway users towards certain political decisions. Read the full article here.

That’s a wrap for this week’s cybersecurity update! Be sure to visit our blog for more weekly updates and tips for how to stay safe online. Come back next week for another roundup!