FixMeStick’s Weekly Cybersecurity Round-Up: Oct 7th – 13th

Hello there FixMeFans! It’s time for our weekly Cybersecurity Roundup. This week we saw a new development in the ongoing debate between Facebook and various governments, as well as more information about the new Windows 10 update. We also saw a recurrence of ransomware in Canada, and a warning for Android users about malicious applications that could be hiding on your smartphone. Read on to stay cyber-safe!

The ransomware Ryuk has struck again, this time targeting a dental clinic in Toronto. This dangerous malware made it into last week’s cybersecurity round-up after 3 Ontario hospitals were targeted. There has been a definitive increase of ransomware attacks in Canada, which is why we always suggest using a virus removal device such as FixMeStick with an antivirus software to keep you safe and secure.

But there is hope, click here to read the full story and learn about the good Ssaritans offering free assistance for victims of ransomware.

A team at Sophos has found 15 harmful apps for Android that users may not even know they downloaded. These apps immediately hide themselves in the application launcher or on the phone’s settings page where they run undetected in the background, gathering information from the user. For the full list of applications, click here.

It’s always incredibly important to download applications from a trusted source. Click here for tips on how to download programs safely on the internet.

The debates between Facebook and various world leaders are continuing. The US, UK, and Australia officially requested Facebook stop its plans to broaden end-to-end encryption this week.

End-to-end encryption keeps any information solely between the two computers, meaning it cannot be accessed by a computer technician under any circumstances. The government argues that this information is invaluable in tracking criminals and bringing them to justice, while Facebook believes they must protect the privacy of their users.

You can read more about it here. Want more on this story? Click here to see last week’s information on the Facebook hearings!

Windows 10 recently released an update to their system, which will increase the security for all users with the introduction of “Tamper Protection”. These new updates stand to prevent malicious, unauthorized changes to the Windows Defender security settings. This comes shortly after Windows announced that they will no longer be supporting updates for Windows 7 after January 2020. Click here to find out what that may mean for you, FixMeFans!

That’s all for this week in cybersecurity news. Check back next week for more updates on these important stories. Do you love our weekly Cybersecurity Round-up? Share it with your friends and family on Facebook to make sure everyone you know stays cyber-savvy.