FixMeStick’s Weekly Cybersecurity Round-Up: Oct 14th-20th

Hey FixMeFans, welcome back to another week of cybersecurity news! This past week we saw some very interesting stories including a breakthrough in stopping ransomware attacks, a potential $35 billion lawsuit against Facebook and the passing of a new piece of U.S. legislation! Keep up with all things cybersecurity and learn what you can do to stay protected.

This past week, Facebook was denied its request for an en banc hearing prior to the case moving forward to trial. The charges involve Illinois citizens not consenting to have their uploaded photos scanned for facial recognition. The social media platform is facing $1, 000 to $5, 000 charges for each person affected, summing to a whopping $35 billion. Get the full story HERE.

Have you heard of STOP ransomware? Believed to be the most active ransomware in the WORLD, Stop makes up over half of all ransomware attacks. But there’s hope: Emsisoft, a security company in New Zealand may have discovered a way to DECRYPT your files that have been locked for ransom. If you’ve been affected by a ransomware attack, learn more here on how to potentially recover your lost files! Make sure you have an antivirus to protect against these attacks. Check out a special offer on our website for McAfee Total Protection, a trusted antivirus program we love.

Scotiabank customer, Sunjit Lidhar, has spoken out after having thousands of dollars stolen from his account by cybercriminals. Lidhar was never reimbursed after hackers got hold of his savings account. Should banks be held accountable for their lack of cyber-secure technology? Read more about cases of money laundering and customers being wrongfully blamed.

Have you ever received a suspicious text message mentioning a payment or past bill? This is an example of PHISHING. Phishing is not restricted to email scams like many of us think; your cell phone could be at risk too! Click HERE for more examples of phishy text messages and advice on how to stay cyber secure. Go check out our Blog for more advice on how to keep your smartphone protected from invasion!

Good news for cybersecurity in the United States last week. A new law passed concerning CEO’s use of consumer information. The “Mind Your Own Business” Act requires that companies submit annual reports of customer privacy mechanisms that adhere to regulation policies. There is a possibility of $5 MILLION in fines if false information is deliberately submitted by CEO’s. Get all the details HERE.

That’s a wrap for this week’s cybersecurity roundup. Come back next week for more information on relevant cyber-news and for advice on how to stay safe!