FixMeStick’s Weekly Cybersecurity Round-Up: Aug 26th-Sept 1

Happy September! It’s Tuesday – so it’s time for another FixMeStick Cybersecurity Round-up! Catch up on the latest news below to stay cyber-savvy.

Google’s Pixel Phone

In love with your Google Pixel phone? We’ve got exciting news: Google Pixel phones will be the first to receive Android 10, the newest update to the Android operating system. The update includes many privacy and security improvements that will keep you safe and secure while you enjoy your smartphone! Read about the changes here.

Not a Google phone user? No problem. Here are some easy ways you can keep your smartphone cybersafe no matter what kind of phone you have. 

The web hosting company Hostinger suffered a data breach over the weekend that affected 14 million users. The breached database contained private details of customer accounts including usernames, email addresses, first names, IP addresses and hashed passwords.

The company sent out a password reset email that should secure the accounts, but if you’re a Hostinger customer make sure you read the full report today to stay informed.

We’re hardly surprised these days when Facebook’s antics make it into the news,  but the company’s latest privacy mishap was even more disturbing than usual. US Senators Edward J. Markey and Richard Blumenthal, both members of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee sent a letter to Facebook this week voicing their concerns about a major design flaw in Facebook’s Messenger Kids app (designed for children 12 and under).

While Facebook had promised the app had restricted children to chat only with other users who had been approved by their parents, the flaw let children get around these protections and chat with unapproved strangers.

Even worse, Facebook representatives let slip that the flaw had gone unnoticed since October 2018. Facebook has yet to undertake a comprehensive investigation of the flaw. Read the full story to make sure your kids are safe. Want to double-down on cybersafety for your whole family this fall? Here are 5 useful ways to practice cybersecurity for the whole family.

If Google Chrome is your default browser, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for an important update in the coming days. Reports of a serious bug in the system surfaced on Friday, a fix for which should be deployed in the next few days.

The bug, which affects the desktop version of Chrome on macOS, Windows and Linux, could let cybercriminals take over unsuspecting users’ computers by luring them to a website. Forbes reported that larger business and government entities are most at risk, but individuals should watch out too. Looking for ways to make your browsing safer? We’ve got some useful tips.

And lastly, TechCrunch reported this week that YouTube is announcing its plans to launch YouTube Kids, a kid-friendly content version of their regular site. YouTube Kids was previously only available in the form of a mobile app that had to be downloaded with parents’ permission.

Sound like good news for all the kids in your life? It is, but the release of YouTube Kids on the web has suspicious timing, as YouTube’s parent company Google is currently facing a multi-million dollar settlement to end the FTC’s investigation into YouTube’s potential violation of a children’s privacy law. Coincidence? We think not.

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