FixMeStick is good to go on Windows 10!

Have you recently noticed a new icon in your system tray? Don’t worry, it’s not a virus or anything malicious. It’s actually an icon from Microsoft that allows you to reserve your copy of Windows 10!

better_windows_10_logoWindows 10 is an exciting new version that improves upon Windows 8 and 7 by combining the best features of both. Not many of us were impressed by Windows 8 when it came out, and Microsoft quickly realized what we like and don’t like. The start menu is back and Microsoft has streamlined the Windows experience to be more intuitive, productive, and enjoyable. Programs should load faster, look cleaner, and feel better. And although Microsoft has not yet highlighted the security features of Windows 10, they will be improving the safety of the new operating system and protecting your identity by offering two-step verification when you log onto your device. If you choose to use their new security, you will not need to remember a password, but can use your fingerprint or camera recognition to effortlessly log into your computer, or simply use a PIN instead of a perhaps easy-to-guess password.

windows-10-jan-15-hero-970-80While this new security will help ensure stealing a device or an identity will be much more difficult, the vast number of security threats on computers is still daunting. In a Windows 10 blog post, Microsoft summarized that 1.2 billion usernames and passwords have been stolen, despite only 1.8 billion people being active online. Such personal information is stolen from hackers infiltrating personal computers and even corporate servers. The new security in Windows 10 will help decrease security breaches for personal computers, but computer viruses downloaded from dubious emails, suspicious programs, and unsafe websites are still very real threats for the new version of Windows. Unfortunately, a business that stores your information may still be hacked, so Microsoft’s new security is not the deciding solution to the problem of stealing information, but it certainly is a welcome sign of progress.

It should also be noted that existing Windows 7 and 8 users can upgrade their version to Windows 10 for free. Yes, that’s right: for free. Usually in the past users had to pay a hefty price to get the latest Windows. But Microsoft is trying a different approach than what they have been doing for the past 15 years. This free promotion will last a year, so if you want the latest Windows, make sure you snag it while you can.

CaptureNow why are we  so enthused about Windows 10 and that it’s a free upgrade? I’m not promoting Windows 10 for the sake of Microsoft, but from a security perspective, everyone adopting the new Windows can be a very powerful improvement for computer security. One main reason why so many people continually became infected with malware was because they were using an unsupported version of Windows. By running an outdated form of Windows, or even just having Windows updates turned off, you would be missing out on receive security updates from Microsoft that patches bugs, glitches, and exploits in their operation systems. According to Kaspersky labs in August 2014, 16.37% of users still used Windows XP. That number as of April 2015 has dipped to 15.93% according to Net Applications. To put this in perspective, by the time Kaspersky released this information, Windows already had released Windows 8.1, and most people ran Windows 7 or greater. 16.37% is a huge number of users when you consider there are around 1.2 billion computers running some form of Windows.

So with millions of users missing out on security updates and thus making themselves vulnerable to hackers and malware, the option to upgrade to the latest version of Windows for free, in which you will be guaranteed to receive the latest security updates, is a very welcome sign. By offering this free upgrade, we can speculate that Microsoft aims to prevent security vulnerabilities and glitches that would endanger the average computer user. Despite the progress made in computer security infrastructure, Windows 10 will not have solved computer security and malware will continue to be a very real threat. Hackers will continue to create new viruses and seek out any ways to exploit the new Windows. So the FixMeStick is still the most surefire, effective, and simple way to completely remove viruses and any traces that may be on an infected computer. We are proud to announce that FixMeStick is 100% compatible with Windows 10 and that when you update to the latest version of Windows, you can use your FixMeStick with no problem. Since the FixMeStick runs outside of Windows, it will not be affected by the upgrade. What do you have to do? Nothing! The procedure to start the FixMeStick will be the same, and you can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind the FixMestick has always offered.