FixMeStick Quiz Answers

Did we stump you in our “Let’s See How Much You Actually Know About FixMeStick” quiz? Hopefully, you learned some of the key steps for starting a FixMeStick scan, and are on your way to becoming a FixMePro!

You can view the full answers and explanations below!

Question 1: When starting a scan from Windows, where do you open the FixMeStick application from?

To first find the FixMeStick application you need to open File Explorer. File Explorer is where you can view all of your computer’s files, and removable drives (like FixMeStick USB). If you use Windows 10, 8, or 8.1, this will be called File Explorer. If you use Windows 7 or earlier, File Explorer will be called “Computer” or “My Computer“. Once this is open, click on “FixMeStick USB” on the left hand side, to open the FixMeStick folder.

FixMeTip: Not sure which version of Windows you have? Find out HERE.

Question 2: After clicking on FixMeStick USB in your File Explorer, where do you click to launch the application?

Once you have File Explorer open, and you’ve clicked on FixMeStick USB, you will see a list of languages and the FixMeStick Application. To open the FixMeStick app, double left click on FixMeStick. You will see that the file type says “application”. Clicking on the languages will pull up a PDF of the instructions if you need some help.

After double left clicking on FixMeStick, click “Yes” on the prompt that asks you to allow the app to make changes to your computer.

Question 3: When starting a scan on a Mac, what boot device do you select from the Apple Startup Menu?

While the majority of the quiz focuses on starting a scan for Windows, we wanted to throw in a question for our Mac users. To start a FixMeStick scan on a Mac, the boot device option will be titled “EFI Boot“. This is the FixMeStick.
Highlight the EFI Boot option, and press Enter to start a scan.

FixMeTip: Need the full getting started instructions for Mac? Click HERE.

Question 4: On the “What Happens Next” page, what button do you click to launch a scan?

You will see the “What Happens Next” page (seen in the image above) pop up after opening the FixMeStick application from File Explorer. On this screen, click on “Reboot and Start FixMeStick” to launch a scan. Your computer will restart into the FixMeStick program.

Question 5: What is the first step of the FixMeStick scan?

The above image displays what you will see once you are booted into a scan. Step 1 of the scan is “Checking for Internet Connection“. When your FixMeStick connects to the internet it will then check for product updates, and update the malware definitions. This means it will be updated with all of the latest threats, so it knows exactly which new viruses to look for!

FixMeTip: Internet not connecting automatically? Click the two computers icon at the top right to select your WiFi network, and enter your password.

Question 6: At which step does “Scanning Computer” begin?

As you can see in the above image, “Scanning Computer” takes place at step 5. The first four steps prepare the scan on what to look for, then at step 5, your computer is scanned with several scanners, which will hunt for and detect malware. The scanning step takes the longest. You will see the prompt “You can go take a break!” You can leave your computer for a few hours, and then return to check the results at step 6.

FixMeTip: We recommend running a scan while you sleep and checking on the results in the morning.

If your FixMeStick scan detected viruses, click “Clean Computer” to quarantine the threats

Question 7: At the end of the scan, what do you click to finalize the scan, and return to your computer?

This one was a bit of a trick question! What you see at the end of the scan will depend on your scan results. If FixMeStick detected viruses on your computer you will see the options “Clean Computer“, and “See Results“. Click “Clean Computer” to remove the malware, and “See Results” to identify what exactly was found.

If your FixMeStick scan came back clean, you will not see the “Clean Computer” button. Lucky you – your computer is clean! This simply means you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect your computer against viruses and can breathe a sigh of relief that none of your files were subject to nasty malware. You can click “Exit FixMeStick” to exit the scan and return to your home screen.

FixMeTip: If FixMeStick said your computer was clean, but your computer is still running slow, check out our guide for “How to Fix A Slow Computer” here.

Question 8: Bonus Question: What year was the first FixMeStick developed?

The first FixMeStick was developed way back in 2011! This means our 10 year anniversary is coming up! What do you think we should do to celebrate?

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