FixMeStick now in Staples across the USA!

Staples is a store built upon the principle of convenience. Who doesn’t remember the catchy That was easy! slogan? This is why the FixMeStick and Staples are a perfect match! FixMeStick is all about you fixing your computer yourself, simply and cheaply.

So, we are very excited to announce that, today, the FixMeStick will become available in 1,536 Staples locations all over the USA. This means that more people will be able to use the stick in order to simply take back control of their computer! This means that you can now go to your local Staples and purchase either our regular full-year FixMeStick for $59.99 or our PRO version for $299.99

So make your life easier and head to Staples for a FixMeStick!