FixMeStick launches on Kickstarter the first ever device for removing computer viruses from Macs

Mac owners rejoice! Today, fresh off the heels of our 5 for 5 performance in the Dragons’ Den last week, we have achieved 40% of our target to fund the first ever, virus removal device for Mac computers.

As Mac computers continue to grow in popularity, they have become attractive targets for cyber-criminals. The FixMeStick for Mac is a bootable USB device that simplifies the detection and removal of infections that got past anti-virus protection software.

“We launched the FixMeStick for PC in May of 2012. In April 2012 the news came out that 1 in every 100 Mac computers were infected with the Flashback virus,” says co-founder Corey Velan. “We’ve received customer requests every day since for a FixMeStick for Mac.”

Check out the FixMeStick for Mac Kickstarter project.

Update 07/05/2015

The one-year anniversary of the launch of the FixMeStick for Mac is quickly approaching! Thank you to all our Mac and PC customers for making both versions a success. Our FixMeStick for Mac, alongside the PC version, are available from both our North American and European Union online stores.