FixMeStick is now sticking it to viruses in Europe as well!

FixMeStick made it big on Canadian television in January 2014: the guys in the capes were a hit on Dragon’s Den and received offers from all five dragons. 2014 was a great year for FixMeStick in Canada: we were welcomed into several large Canadian retailers including Shoppers’ Drug Mart, The Source and London Drugs. We are so proud of our Canadian success and our recent success with Best Buy Electronics in the United States gives us high hopes for continued North American success. The recent expansion of the FixMeStick brand, however, into European territory is one of our proudest accomplishments.  


Retailers across Belgium and the Netherlands selling the FixMeStick

From small scale Canadian start up to international brand, FixMeStick has seen huge growth and development over the past couple of years. The FixMeStick is now available throughout Belgium and the Netherlands! Customers in Europe will also be able to rid their computers of malware, rootkits and trojans simply and without spending hundreds of Euros.

Our European partners that have placed the FixMeStick in stores across Belgium and the Netherlands including  Vandenborre and MyCom. Looking for a store near you? We’ve updated our store locator to include our new European locations as well as many of our new locations throughout the United States and Canada.

The international move has been very well received and our new customer base was eager to review us! “Surfons Tranquille” (which roughly translates to “Let’s surf in peace”), a Belgian national radio program that deals with online safety, was a huge fan! Olivier Bogaert, the host of the show, has worked with the Belgian police tracking down cyber criminals for years! After trying out the FixMeStick, he proposed the FixMeStick as the best solution for ransomware. They explained that an external device, like the FixMeStick, is the quickest and most effective way to clean an infected computer. They explain:

The viruses, that were able to be installed [on your computer], will no longer have any grip, making them easier to eradicate.

French speaking readers might be interested in reading the full review: Surfons Tranquille: attention aux logiciels rançonneurs

Our European team has been accumulating lots of media attention. The French-Belgians haven’t been the only ones talking about the FixMeStick. Reviews in both Dutch and German have been popping up too! Guido, a Belgian student magazine, and Feeling, a woman’s interest magazine, have both recommended the FixMeStick to their readers. Guido’s humourous article compared FixMeStick with another big 2015 trend in “stick” technology: the selfie stick. The FixMeStick might not protect against huge crowds of tourists with pointed sticks but they agreed that it will certainly help people stay safe online!
FixMeStick was also featured at 2014’s CeBIT conference in Hanover.  The world’s largest and most internationally acclaimed computer exhibition is a huge honour and speaks to the positive growth potential for a European market. We, in the field of internet safety and virus removal, regard the conference as a barometer for future European success and we are pretty excited about the reception we received. For our German-speaking readers, here is a video of the FixMeStick being presented at the 2014 conference.  This year’s conference continued to focus on internet security but took things in a slightly different direction: a talk from Edward Snowden gave conference goers something to chew on.  He spoke about the growing issue of internet security and government surveillance. In the current climate it is good to know that the FixMeStick deals with not only malware but also dangerous software like keylogging trojans and spyware.