FixMeStick available on the Home Shopping Network

When FixMeStick was first launched we knew that we wanted to land the Home Shopping Network. HSN is the best of the best in at-home shopping and we thought the FixMeStick would be a perfect fit.  A few years and thousands of happy customers later we’ve achieved our goal: the first FixMeStick for HSN spot ran in May 2015 and sold out!

The Home Shopping Network, which also began as a small business, has grown a huge amount over its lifetime. Within five years of its launch people throughout the United states had access to at home shopping 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it continues to grow and adapt to the modern consumer. What began as television exclusive offers are now available via smart phones, tablets and computers. Click through and find yourself entranced by the livestreaming ads, you can certainly see why they are so successful!

Our growing customer base and our positive reviews have enabled FixMeStick to build a brand and attract the attention of the network. We have our loyal customers to thank for this success, without such a large group of satisfied customers we never could have hoped to find our way into HSN.  We were very eager going into this endeavour but selling out 1500 FixMeSticks within less than half an hour of air time was even more than we could have hoped for!

We have created a special edition FixMeStick exclusively for HSN. The FixMeStick is a subscription based service and our website and online store feature both 1 month subscriptions (for $9.95 + shipping and handling) and 1 year subscriptions (for $59.95). The traditional purchase of the FixMeStick earns the customer both the physical device and a subscription to the software for a designated period. Our special HSN edition is slightly different: customers will still purchase the stick and the subscription to our software but the subscription will last a lifetime.  No need to renew, or reactivate your subscription. Become a FixMeStick customer for life, with no additional fees.

Everything from Singer Sewing machines to Dyson Vacuums have been and continue to be sold on HSN and we couldn’t be more excited to join the club.  With channels all across the world, from Italy and the UK to the Phillipines, we are eager to see how far we can go and to watch our partnership with HSN flourish.
The FixMeStick continues to be available via our online store and call centre, as well a growing number of retail locations in North America and parts of Europe.