FixMeStick® Announces Major Enhancements to Both Its Embedded Multi-Scanner and Cloud-Based Detection Capabilities

Our customers now benefit from McAfee® Security Technology in the FixMeStick device’s parallel multi-scanner and additional cloud-based detection technology to remove the latest threats.

One of the three engines in the FixMeStick® Virus Removal Device is now powered by technology from McAfee, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies. The McAfee engine replaces that of Kaspersky Lab.

In addition, the latest FixMeStick uses McAfee’s Global Threat Information (GTI) database of file reputations alongside OPSWAT’s Metadefender. Together these two cloud-based file reputation services make up the FixMeStick ScanArray. The purpose of ScanArray is to provide the FixMeStick with fast file reputation information for suspicious files not yet identified as malicious. Customers will automatically receive this update when they run a FixMeStick scan. 

Tom Moore, Vice President of Worldwide OEM Sales for McAfee says “We’re excited to expand our partnership with FixMeStick and help their customers benefit from industry-leading technology to safeguard their files and data from the latest threats.”

“Because of the threat of ransomware, cleaning an infected computer is more important than ever. The addition of McAfee to our multi-scanner and to ScanArray gives our customers the upper hand in removing infected files from their computers,” says Marty Algire, CEO and co-founder of FixMeStick.

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This diagram captures the logical view of the latest FixMeStick technology. This diagram captures the logical view of the latest FixMeStick technology.