FixMeFraud: How To Know If You Have A Real FixMeStick

Here at FixMeStick we do our best to alert you of the latest threats so you can stay ahead of the bad guys. Like when we contacted the fake ‘FixMeStick customer support company’ to expose their scam. Well we’ve done it again. This time with a different scam, read on to learn more.

Recently, we’ve had customers contact us because they’re having issues getting FixMeStick to start. We designed FixMeStick to be an easy-to-use solution that anyone can use. So hearing that our customers we’re having trouble running FixMeStick was a red flag.

We found out that these customers had not purchased through our website or an authorized reseller, but instead through a third party reseller on Amazon. So we decided to order one and see:


Tip #1: If you’re ordering a FixMeStick on Amazon or eBay make sure the seller says “FixMeStick”. If you are purchasing it from someone else we can’t guarantee the condition of your FixMeStick. Your best bet is to purchase FixMeStick from our website here or in store.

Lo and behold when we opened up the package, it was definitely not a real FixMeStick:

Tip #2: We pride ourselves on offering a quality product to all our customers. We had customers complaining that the instructions looked like they had been printed “from someone’s basement printer.” Also FixMeStick will never come on a CD.

If you get a FixMeStick that’s poorly packaged or doesn’t look like the packaging below it could be a fraud. Chat with us about it if you have questions.

Another sign that this was a fake FixMeStick was the physical USB hardware itself.  Regardless of the OS they run on, all our FixMeSticks look the same, like the black and silver pair below.

Tip #3: If your FixMeStick looks different – don’t use it! Contact us immediately for help.

All of our FixMeSticks come with a serial number on the side, this allows you to track your scans, and renew and register your FixMeStick. As you can see in the image below, this fake FixMeStick tried to replicate the serial number with a sticker on the back.

Tip #4: All our serial numbers start with FMS followed by 2 letters and 4 or 5 numbers. These will always be printed directly on the FixMeStick, they will not be a sticker.

At this point it is obvious this is a fake FixMeStick, but we still wanted to see inside. These scammers did a pretty good job trying to make it seem like a real FixMeStick when you plugged it in:

Tip #5: Your real FixMeStick will have a list of languages and then a FixMeStick.exe file – that is it. If there is a “Network Repair” program, “Registry” program, a program called “FixMeStick Virus Cleaner” or anything else then immediately take it out of your computer and do not run any of the programs. It could be harmless but it could also be loaded with malware to harm your computer.

What are we doing about this? 

Since becoming aware of this issue we’re doing our best to combat it. One of our team members is tracking these cases and is working to notify them. And we’re working to educate our existing and potential customers about these scams so they don’t run into this issue.

What can you do to help?

Share this article on social media and with your friends to spread the word! If you’re looking to refer someone to FixMeStick make sure they purchase through our website directly. Plus if you refer-a-friend we’ll give you both an extra month for free!

If you have any questions about this, or anything virus related, please reach out. We’re always happy to chat and point you in the right direction!


  1. Roy Evans -

    This is really great info. I was having a lot of trouble with mine. It was not a fake it was the real thing. I think my trouble came from an email that I got to upgrade the stick. Any way I finally got it all fixed by the support person but it did take about two day. It was a lot off work. After i did the scan everything was great. The next time I went to do the scan I was having the same trouble. I called support right away and they had it working in no time at all. The last scan I did really started fast. It most have been something in the updates because it went right to work.
    Thanks FixMeStick!!

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey there Roy, we’re glad you appreciated it and happy to hear you got that FixMeStick Factory Upgrade! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


    Thanks so much for letting everyone know about these risks! I haven’t had a problem but just wanted to let you know how much you are all appreciated 🙂

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey there Kathi, no problem, we just don’t want any of our customers to be purchase a fraud FixMeStick!

  3. Kay Wharton -

    I purchased my stick last year from Amazon. It looks legitimate except for the Serial Number. It is on a label and has a string of symbols below

    I purchased my stick last year and it looks like all the real photos above except for the serial number. It is on a label with symbols under the number that look like ones the post office use. I registered it and have been receiving emails on a regular basis from you. Could this be a fake.

    • Linda -

      Hi Kay, if you purchased a FixMeStick from Amazon and the seller says “by FixMeStick” on Amazon, I can assure you that it’s a legitimate FixMeStick made by us. We’ve also sent you an email from to better assist you.

  4. Ed cardon -

    I just got a fixme stick and it’s gold color. It has good packaging and serial number. It is smaller than the black one. Fms serial and all. I haven’t used it yet though I got it 7 days ago. It reads: Fixme then FMSKQ then 5 numbers. I don’t have the packing label but it was a yellow envelope perhaps from ebay, not sure

    • Linda -

      Hi Ed, we sent you an email to further assist you with this. But since it looks like you made the purchase directly on our online store, you should have received a real FixMeStick from our warehouse!

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