This Is Everything You Need To Know About The Facebook Breach Last Week

A few weeks ago Facebook reset 90 million accounts in response to a security breach. Last week Facebook’s VP of Product Management, Guy Rosen, released a statement updating users on the results of their internal investigation. Read on for those results.

The initial breach exploited a flaw in the “View As” feature which allowed users to preview their profiles as their friends would see it, Facebook has now disabled this.

What data was exposed?

According to Facebook, 30 million profiles were affected. In the next few days Facebook will be sending all these users customized messages to detail what was accessed and steps they can take to protect themselves. Of that, one million had no data accessed, 15 million had their contact information accessed, and 14 million had their contact information as well as other details breached. This included personal information, everything from devices used to access Facebook to the user’s last 15 Facebook searches.

Visit Facebook’s Help Center here to see if you were affected. Yes, you’ll have to sign in to check.

Are applications linked to Facebook safe?

Thankfully hackers could not access third-party applications linked to Facebook accounts like Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

Facebook has not commented on whether they are any closer to finding the people who launched the attack  but they are cooperating with the FBI to figure it out.


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