Do You Want to Become More Computer Savvy? We Have the How and Where!

Technology moves so fast these days, and we know you might need someone to walk you through the labyrinth of interface changes and software updates. So we’re here to make 2019 the year you get tech savvy.

You might know how to send an email one day, but the next day you return to your Gmail or Yahoo! looking completely different. Now you don’t know where anything is. Well we have you covered with a ton of free resources.

Did you know that if you have a Mac computer or any Apple devices, you are eligible to take an Apple product workshop? Click here for the Apple Support Page to find a local store near you.

These Apple workshops teach you everything from how to refine a Google search to backing-up your files to the iCloud! Go with a family member or friend to discover a whole new world.

Here are some examples of Apple workshops that could be available to you:

1. Basics of your iPhone and iPad

2. Basics: iPad and Vision Loss

3. Photo Editing on your iPhone

For Windows computers, local public libraries offer workshops on computer basics and the ins and outs of your computer’s software. Check out some example below:

1. Tips of Internet Safety

2. Walk-In Computer Help

3. Microsoft PowerPoint and Word for Beginners

Have these classes piqued your interest? Find a Windows workshop near you by typing your city name and the phrase “computer library workshop” into your search engine to get free support and training.

If you prefer to learn on your own, you can look through The FixMeStick Blog to access a large variety of useful technology tips. Right now, we are excited about our article on how to clear the cookies in your internet browser’s cache and another on how to shut down popups.

You might only use your computer for a few tasks, but these workshops will help save your valuable time so you can navigate your computer with ease.

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