Demystifying your computer!

Computers can be incredibly intimidating! While some of today’s young people are learning to use touch screens before they learn to write the alphabet, computers continue to confuse many of our customers. Here at FixMeStick we’re passionate about making computers easier and helping people understand the often confusing language used to speak about technology. Our support team are all very technically proficient and we asked them to let us in on their computer secrets and tricks!

What are Keyboard Shortcuts?
Keyboard shortcuts provide a simple path to many pages and commands on your computer. Rather than clicking through several confusing processes with your mouse, one combination on the keyboard can get you to the same place instead.
Here are some good ones to know:

  • The Windows Key – this looks like a flag made up of 4 white squares on the lower left hand side of your keyboard. It provides one click to the “Start-Up” menu.
  • The Windows Key + E – access the “File Explorer” folder – this is where you can find the FixMeStick if you want to run a scan
  • The Windows Key + C (for Windows 8) – this brings up the “Charms Bar” menu that includes Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings. You can use the search function to look through the computer for specific files or photos. Share allows you to share your information, photos or other things via social media. Start pulls up the App Screen on Windows 8 which will show you all your programs.
  • Hold shift + arrow key – highlight certain text without your mouse
  • Ctrl + C – this will copy your highlighted text to a virtual clipboard
  • Ctrl + V – this will paste your copied text or images wherever you’d like
  • Ctrl + X – this will cut your highlighted text, instead of making a copy of the text and leaving another copy behind, this will make a copy of the text and erases the existing one so you can move it wherever you’d like.

What can you do with an unresponsive pop-up?

Have you ever been faced with a pop-up window that won’t go away, or a program that just won’t shut down?


Try hitting this combination of buttons on your keyboard before forcing the computer off or closing the screen and hoping for the best: CTRL + ALT + DEL. This will bring up a new screen with a list of options including things like “Lock your Computer” and “Task Manager.” Task Manager is a program built into Windows computers that allows the user to see a list of all the programs that are running. Once you have this list open you can select the unwanted program and end it!

What can be done about a slow computer that keeps freezing up?
Make sure you run a FixMeStick scan. If you’re having trouble getting started due to slowness, give Safe Mode with Networking a try. Your computer will be running on its most basic programs, and therefore able to process launching into a scan much faster.

We suggest periodically giving your computer a good clean up. In addition, running System Mechanic after a scan will help to optimize any features that malware may have changed on your computer.

What does System Mechanic do?

  • Restores your PC’s speed and performance by removing clutter easily
  • Improves speed by adjusting apps to unleash more speed
  • Optimizes startup by removing startup bottlenecks
  • Repairs registry to help programs run smoothly
  • Unlocks trapped RAM when you need it most
  • Improves operating system settings to make browsing and gaming smoother
  • Increase system stability
  • Works exclusively on all your home PCs

Like your car, your PC requires regular maintenance to prevent slowdowns, crashes and even potential system failures. Together with FixMeStick, make sure your computer is clean and optimized to perform at peak performance.