Dancing in the Den

Well, maybe not dancing, but join me for a directed stroll through our Dragons’ Den pitches (like Shark Tank in the USA, The Tigers of Money in Japan, and Lion’s Den in Finland!). After all, Corey and I have been to Canada’s Dragons’ Den twice, which is rare. Each time we received offers from all the Dragons, which is unheard of!

The first time Corey and I walk into the Den, red superhero capes flowing, WHAM! We walk right into a Kevin O’Leary wisecrack. Corey laughs, and I try to stay on track. Here’s how it starts:

O’Leary wastes no time, and aggressively gets right to the main point: Why do I need a FixMeStick if I already have antivirus software? 

O’Leary uses McAfee as an example. We use McAfee in our example. It’s nothing against McAfee – we like McAfee. We use McAfee in our office, and we recommend it to friends and family – we even secured a special discount for FixMeStick customers!

Now O’Leary is really warmed up. This time about the fact that the FixMeStick is hardware and can’t be downloaded. He’s right again. The FixMeStick is hardware, it can’t be downloaded, and that’s what makes it the right tool for the job of virus removal. Watch and see the Dragons really connect with this “FixMeStick hold-it-in-your-hand” advantage. 

Today’s viruses sabotage the computers they infect, like a burglar who gets into your house and deactivates your security alarms. That’s why it’s so difficult to clean an infected computer with software programs. The FixMeStick can remove these viruses because it’s a plug-in USB device that scans your computer before it boots and before the infections are running. It’s your real-world, hold-it-in-your-hand advantage against virtual-world threats. Only you have physical access to your computer, and only you can plug in a FixMeStick and clean out the infections.

Here it is, the defining moment. Who’s in and who’s out? What’s O’Leary going to do? 

In the end, we ended up going with Arlene and David! Have you tried the FixMeStick? We’ve still got some Dragons’ Den FixMeSticks available on promotion, if you want in on this amazing Dragons’ deal, get one now for 50% off while supplies last. This is our best offer of the year!

Round II – the StartMeStick

If all the Dragons wanted in on FixMeStick, and if FixMeStick is in the top 5 most successful businesses to ever pitch on Dragons’ Den, why go back?

We went back to the Den because, while we could do all the investing ourselves, it’s still good to get out there and see what other investment partnerships might offer. Especially since we have a long way to go in building awareness of what the StartMeStick is and does. Building that awareness fast requires a lot of investment.

With the windup complete, here’s the pitch.

You might be asking “what’s with the capes again?” During our first dance in the Den we pitched that we were going to save the Internet with the FixMeStick virus removal device, and now with the StartMeStick we’re going to save the world’s computers and reduce electronic waste. This superhero purpose requires superhero costumes! You too can be a computer superhero with a FixMeStick and StartMeStick by your side!

So far so good. Let’s see what the StartMeStick can do.

Lane Merrifield gets it fast, and then helps by paraphrasing…it’s like Chromebook on a stick. 

Or, as Manjit Minhas explains in the below: it’s dummy-proof:

Excellent marketing question coming up from Michele Romanow.

Ours is an old fashioned business model: we sell our products, and support our customers (no outsourcing!). We do not provide our products for free and in turn track our customers and sell their personal data. As the old Internet adage goes: when something online is free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product… Maybe that’s why our customers are more mature (smart).

Here it is, our Defining Moment Part Deux:

And, the outcome (drum roll please!):

That’s it! That’s how our two Dances in the Den went down. Want in on the deal? We’ve still got some Dragons Den celebration StartMeSticks on promotion, get yours here and save 50%!

Have questions about our experience on Dragons’ Den or about either of our products? Leave a comment below!


  1. craig ward - Reply

    my computer keeps turning itself on and off, what can the fix me stik do to fix it

    • jonathan.st.michael - Reply

      Hi Craig,

      If your computer is running into power issues (such as turning off and on), it’s not likely a virus issue, but rather a hardware related issue. If anything, I would recommend looking into the StartMeStick, which is geared to help get computers up and running.

      You can learn more about the StartMeStick here

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