Dancing in the Den

Well, maybe not dancing, but join me for a directed stroll through our Dragons’ Den pitches (like Shark Tank in the USA, The Tigers of Money in Japan, and Lion’s Den in Finland!). After all, Corey and I have been to Canada’s Dragons’ Den twice, which is rare. Each time we received offers from all the Dragons, which is unheard of!

The first time Corey and I walk into the Den, red superhero capes flowing, WHAM! We walk right into a Kevin O’Leary wisecrack. Corey laughs, and I try to stay on track. Here’s how it starts:

O’Leary wastes no time, and aggressively gets right to the main point: Why do I need a FixMeStick if I already have antivirus software?

O’Leary uses McAfee as an example. We use McAfee in our example. It’s nothing against McAfee – we like McAfee. We use McAfee in our office, and we recommend it to friends and family – we even secured a special discount for FixMeStick customers!

Now O’Leary is really warmed up. He’s heated about the fact that the FixMeStick is hardware and can’t be downloaded. He’s right again. The FixMeStick is hardware, it can’t be downloaded, and that’s what makes it the right tool for the job of virus removal. Watch and see the Dragons really connect with this “FixMeStick hold-it-in-your-hand” advantage. 

Today’s viruses sabotage the computers they infect, like a burglar who gets into your house and deactivates your security alarms. That’s why it’s so difficult to clean an infected computer with software programs. The FixMeStick can remove these viruses because it’s a plug-in USB device that scans your computer before it boots and before the infections are running. It’s your real-world, hold-it-in-your-hand advantage against virtual-world threats. Only you have physical access to your computer, and only you can plug in a FixMeStick and clean out the infections.

Here it is, the defining moment. Who’s in and who’s out? What’s O’Leary going to do? 

In the end, we went with Arlene and David!

Have you tried the FixMeStick? Click here to get your hands on the world’s leading virus removal device!

Round II – the StartMeStick

If all the Dragons wanted in on FixMeStick, and if FixMeStick is in the top 5 most successful businesses to ever pitch on Dragons’ Den, why go back?

We went back to the Den because, while we could do all the investing ourselves, it’s still good to get out there and see what other investment partnerships might offer. Especially since we have a long way to go in building awareness of what the StartMeStick is and does. Building that awareness fast requires a lot of investment.

With the windup complete, here’s the pitch.

You might be asking “what’s with the capes again?” During our first dance in the Den we pitched that we were going to save the Internet with the FixMeStick virus removal device, and now with the StartMeStick we’re going to save the world’s computers and reduce electronic waste. This superhero purpose requires superhero costumes! You too can be a computer superhero with a FixMeStick and a StartMeStick by your side!

So far so good. Let’s see what the StartMeStick can do.

Lane Merrifield gets it fast, and then helps by paraphrasing…it’s like Chromebook on a stick. 

Or, as Manjit Minhas explains in the below: it’s dummy-proof:

Excellent marketing question coming up from Michele Romanow:

Ours is an old-fashioned business model: we sell our products and support our customers (no outsourcing!). We do not provide our products for free and in turn track our customers and sell their personal data. As the old Internet adage goes: when something online is free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product…

Here it is, our Defining Moment Part Deux:

And, the outcome (drum roll please!):

That’s how we started saving the internet, and the world’s computers. One ‘Dance in the Den’ at a time!

Think the StartMeStick might be the answer to your computer’s troubles? Breathe new life into your old computer and get your StartMeStick today!

Have questions about our experience on Dragons’ Den or about either of our products? Leave a comment below!


  1. Anonymous -

    I watched the show, good job. Congratulations. I am still waiting to receive
    my “Start me stick” ordered on Nov.25/20, I know Canada Post is very busy.
    Can’t wait to try it.

    Nicole Schanck

  2. Anonymous -

    Fix Me Stick made my old XP computer that is not even hooked onto internet, function like a Windows 10 for speed. I have an old 8×10 printer and it only works on XP. Saved me from buying a new printer.

  3. John Bergin -

    Hi to all FixIts,
    Congrats for a beautiful fulfillment and a beautiful company.
    I bought the FixMeStick the next morning from that video.
    And then I also 24Hr later bought the StartMeStick (V Forever).
    And then got the FixMeStick (V Forever) also.
    We can say I’m a big fan…

    FixMeStick – StartMeStick – Li li li life is beautiful la la la la la la la

    Un admirateur…

  4. Myron Shewchuk -

    Hope this doesn’t get censored; but run into situation whereby Fix me stick does not remove certain viruses in computer. Was very disappointed with device. After phoning support, was advised to take computer to tech expert. So there….

  5. Trevor Bruce -

    Congrats once again, finally broke down and ordered a StartMeStick to se on a couple of older computers that are running Win 10, have to give credit to Linda’s persistence e-mailing me just often enough, could not get mad although some companies drive me batty with their constant pressure, well done. Looking forward to receiving my stick in 6 days.

  6. Gord Allice -

    I have had the fix me stick shortly after it came out. It use to find viruses on my desktop, but hasn’t found any in at least a year. How do I know if it is accurate or is my computer really clean?

  7. Sandy -

    The original FixMeStick has gotten me and other members of my family out of a some very nasty spots over the years. I now have the new FixMeStick and the StartMeStick, and I wouldn’t be without them.
    This may sound ridiculous, but to me, it’s a much needed sense of security.
    Finally what I thought was just another gimmick, actually turned out to be worth every penny and more, and it’s no gimmick. It works.
    Thank you Corey and Marty and thank you Linda for your kindness and patience over the years. Stay safe everyone.

  8. Anonymous -

    will this work on a 20 year old laptop computer?
    Lorrain Holmes

  9. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Lorrain,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    Our products are compatible with Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (essentially any computer from 2001 onward). If you’re looking to breathe some new life into your laptop, the StartMeStick might be what you’re looking for!

    – Jonathan

  10. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Sandy,

    We’re glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying your FixMeStick and StartMeStick! We believe that both the FixMeStick and StartMeStick are computer security essentials, so it’s good to know that you’re making the most of them! 🙂

    – Jonathan

  11. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Gord,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    The FixMeStick is designed to update its malware definitions every time it runs, making sure that your scans are always picking up the latest malware. If you’re concerned that the FixMeStick isn’t accurately scanning your computer, you can always check your scan details through your account, or contact us at support@fixmestick.com where we can take a closer look at the issue!

    – Jonathan

  12. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Trevor,

    Hopefully you’re able to get some good use out of the StartMeStick!

    If you ever run into any questions down the line, feel free to reach out to us at support@fixmestick.com

    – Jonathan

  13. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Myron,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t able to remove some of the malware on your computer. There are some programs that our product might not remove because they can be classified as “grayware” – it falls in between malware and legitimate software. It was not removed because our engines do not classify it as malware.

    We’re always here to help you remove any unwanted threats from your computer. If you have any further questions, you can reach us at support@fixmestick.com

    – Jonathan

  14. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi John,

    Thank you for being a FixMeFan! We’re glad to hear that you enjoy our products – if you run into any questions or concerns down the line, feel free to reach out to us 🙂

    – Jonathan

  15. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi there,

    I’m glad to hear that you’re getting some good use out of your FixMeStick! You’d be surprised to know how malware can really slow down and affect a computer.

    If you ever run into any questions down the line, feel free to reach out to us!

    – Jonathan

  16. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    Canada Post has been infamously slow recently, especially with the holidays just around the corner. If you have any concerns about your order, feel free to reach out to us at support@fixmestick.com

    – Jonathan

  17. Tim -

    My wife and I were very skeptical of buying things that make this level of claim, and I very rarely comment on anything on the internet, but I have to say that we used and continue to use this product fixmestick and it is incredible. It truly increased the speed of my wife’s and my computer both, found viruses we did not even know we had, that had slipped through our antivirus software and is just amazing. I would recommend this to anyone. Linda has also been wonderful regarding getting back to me about questions and your support has been a dream to work with when I needed their assistance. Overall we will be ordering the new product start me stick and are excited to see what it can do for us. Price-wise, very reasonable and fair for what it does. I have not been paid for this response and I am a real customer.

  18. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Tim,

    I’m glad that you’re satisfied with your FixMeStick! We believe that the FixMeStick is a security essential when it comes down to making sure your computer is safe and virus-free. It’s good to know that you’re making the most of your stick 🙂

    With that being said, feel free to reach out to us if you ever need anything down the line.

    – Jonathan

  19. Richard Mason -

    i have both fixmestick amd startme stick, bad typing sorry. i used the Fix Me Stick on desk top to see if i could speed up my computer i am running window10 no speed up but got a virus check i use Mcfee. Computer clear. Used Start Me Stick on old laptop wsith vista and got it working.

  20. Paul -

    I’m a new customer, having recently bought “Forever” versions of FixMeStick and StartMeStick. They seem to work well during these first days. Until you guys developed StartMeStick, anyone who owns a computer up to almost twenty year old, which runs either a Windows or Apple operating system, is inevitably very vulnerable at some point to that operating system no longer receiving security updates and support from Microsoft or Apple within a few years of having spent hundreds or thousands on that computer. I have in the past replaced computers when forced to do so by such circumstances, but now I am retired and can’t afford to buy a new computer each time Microsoft or Apple decide to make it prematurely obsolete. Just a few weeks ago I had to replace my iPhone when the phone company decided to suddenly close down its 3G network, so the replacement is a cheap Android phone, which will, no doubt before very long, itself have to be replaced because some company somewhere will decide that, too, will have become obsolete. Since having to replace my phone so short a time ago, Apple decided to withdraw security updates and support for my perfectly functioning, wonderful old MacBook Pro laptop, which cost me thousands. I thought it was obsolete until seeing television advertising for both StartMeStick and FixMeStick. Only last January I had to take my MacBook to a computer store for costly removal of virus/malware and if I had before then known about and bought FixMeStick, your product would have saved me plenty! I have since received yet more bad news! Until this week I played an online game on my iPad. Now that is no longer possible because the games company’s latest update of the game I played has made my iPad obsolete, due to its operating system, although up to date according to Apple, now requiring updating to match the game’s latest Apple software. So in summary, during the last five weeks, my very expensive iPhone, my very expensive MacBook and very expensive iPad have all been made obsolete. This sort of thing happened before, more than once, because of Microsoft, so it is no surprise Apple are now involved. I am sick and tired of such companies having so uncaring attitudes and lack of loyalty towards their own customers, who spend very dearly long term on their devices and have to keep right on replacing those products. I feel sure Microsoft and Apple in particular see their customers only as the mother lode, a gravy train to keep right on exploiting. But at last you guys have come along with a good solution, at least for my laptop, which I will not be replacing any time soon, thanks to you. StartMeStick is a breath of fresh air in a very cynically run industry. Please do not ever sell out to Microsoft or Apple!!!

    I now have a question for you. I still have a tiny notebook computer, which is ten years or thereabouts old, which I use when travelling. It has USB sockets, but its operating system is Linux, still very efficient and fast. Is it possible to use StartMeStick and FixMeStick with it? Your help/advice would be much appreciated.



  21. Anonymous -

    I have a laptop that quit working. We pay Best Buy a monthly fee to keep our two computers working. They advised me that it could not be fixed. That was two years ago. I plugged in my brand new StartMeStick and like magic I now have another perfectly running machine. Thanks. Should I drop Best Buy’s monthly fee plan and buy a fixmestick?
    Richard Sturney

  22. claudette parazoo -

    fix me stick and start me stick are fabulous….so glad i have both…keeps everything working , i am glad i have both and can depend on them for my old and new computers, especially now with limitations all around us.

  23. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Richard,

    I’m glad you’re getting some use out of your FixMeStick and StartMeStick! We always recommend using an antivirus program (such as McAfee) and the FixMeStick together to make sure your computer is virus-free.

    The StartMeStick is also a great tool for getting some use out of your old computer, I’m happy that you got it up and running 🙂

    – Jonathan

  24. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Richard,

    I’m glad to hear that the StartMeStick has been working so well for you! The StartMeStick is a great way to revive your old, and otherwise not working computer.

    If you’re keen on keeping your computer virus-free, the FixMeStick is always your best bet.

    If you have any questions down the line, you can always reach us at support@fixmestick.com

    – Jonathan

  25. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Cluadette,

    I’m happy to hear that you’re getting good use out of your FixMeStick and StartMeStick. We believe that both products are essential for your computer security needs, especially when you’re dealing with some older devices!

    – Jonathan

  26. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    The StartMeStick is compatible with Intel Based Macs from 2006 to 2017 – unfortunately 2018 Macs and up are not yet compatible with our software.

    If you’d like further help with getting the StartMeStick up and running, you can always reach us support@fixmestick.com

    – Jonathan

  27. Rita -

    I’ve had a fix me stick for quite some time now and have had no regrets, so when start me stick came along and Windows 7 decided to stop with updates my husband’s computer is now well as they say outdated and insecure. So, I purchased the start me stick, but have been unable to get it to work properly. The screen shows static lines and I have trouble figuring out how it works. Do you have a phone in support line that could walk me through

  28. Barbara -

    Watching this video is getting me excited, I ordered the FixMeStick I do not know how long ago & still have not received it, even thought you have billed my credit card. Sort of sad I think it must be lost in the mail somewhere in this great big world.

  29. Glenda -

    Hi ,what is the difference between buying a 1year and 2years startme stick? if I buy a 1 year will for only that time period.

  30. Ray Borden -

    Hi guys/gals…..very interesting stuff……I thought I would add this note: I have not been
    able to get Fixmestick to work for many months…tried many times…..at a time when I would expect the first message, I can see some flashing lights—-green vertical strips running from left to right…then I can see red flashes…appears vertically and seems to
    be some word, but too fast for me to read…..then nothing more even when I leave the computer for hours. Would appreciate your advice/instruction/info……Thanks a bunch……Ray Borden,

  31. Herb -

    Order a Startme stick 16 days ago and got a message saying glad you got your Startme stick but haven’t used it yet ,well I may have tried to use it if I had received it,but I haven’t received it yet. Shouldn’t tell buyer’s they will have it in 6 days if you can’t get it to them in that time.
    I have a fix me stick and it seemed to work fine until Windows system
    could be updated any more so I hope the Startme stick would fix that problem if I ever receive it.

  32. Carol -

    I use my fix me stick every month. It works the way its suppose to so I would not be interested in purchasing a start me stick. I don’t use the computer every day so my fix gets used and I am satisfied.

  33. renee k. -

    Excellent product ! I have both of them and have given several as gifts . I saw the 2 shows and taped both of them the first time and this time. I really like the product and use it . I am super pleased of the customer service at fixmestick . I can say that I am not savvy with computers and each time I phoned for a problem not knowing how to fix a problem using the product they have been polite,patient, helpful and extremely caring to let me feel not nervous when I didn’t know where to find the things on my pc. I wish this company all the success that they deserve. Thanks to all that came to my help.

  34. Robert H Elliott -

    I have sent my fix-me stick back to the company because it did not work on my lenovo Think pad x1 carbon. I am still waiting for the company reply

  35. Anonymous -

    You seem to want me to reorder an other fix me stick, why? I bought and paid for one but never got it.

  36. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    We’re dealing with a bit of delays with some of our recent shipments! If you have any questions regarding the status of your delivery, you can always reach out to us at support@fixmestick.com

  37. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Robert,

    We’ve reached out to you last week regarding the status of your order – I recommend double checking your email, you should see something from us dating Dec 7th.

  38. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Renee,

    Thank you for your kind words! We’re glad you’re getting the most out of your FixMeStick – we pride ourselves on our top notch customer support, so it’s good to hear that you appreciate what we have to offer.

    If you ever need anything down the line, please feel free to let us know!

  39. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Carol,

    I’m glad to hear that you’re getting some use out of the FixMeStick!

    We understand that the StartMeStick is not for everyone – we typically recommend it for users who are looking for ways to revive their old computer, or even get a faster and more secure browsing experience.

    Let us know if you have any questions down the line!

  40. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received your product yet. We’re dealing with a bit of delays with some of our recent shipments!

    If you have any questions regarding the status of your delivery, you can always reach out to us at support@fixmestick.com

  41. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    In this case, I would recommend contacting us at support@fixmestick.com – we’ll definitely be able to lend a hand and get the FixMeStick up and running for you!

  42. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Glenda,

    Good question! Yes, the time period of the subscription indicates how long the subscription is valid for. 1 year StartMeStick is good for 1 year, and the 2 year is good for 2 years!

  43. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received your package yet. We’re dealing with a bit of delays with some of our recent shipments! If you have any questions regarding the status of your delivery, you can always reach out to us at support@fixmestick.com

  44. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Rita,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into difficulty with your StartMeStick! If you’re running into issues, I suggest reaching out to us at support@fixmestick.com – we can lend a hand in getting your device up and running in no time!

  45. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    I’m glad to hear enjoy FixMeStick! It’s always good to know why customers like our products.

    Regarding your question – Yes, both the FixMeStick and StartMeStick are compatible with Linux. You simply need to launch the device from your computers Boot Menu and you should be good to go!

    Let us know if you ever need anything down the line 🙂

  46. Anonymous -

    I am very Pleased with my fix me stick and all the help from Linda have a wonderful 🤶
    Michael Whelan.

  47. Debbie Fox -

    I would love to take advantage of your offer but have not yet received my startmestick. This was ordered at the end of Nov. beginning of Dec. and am still waiting. If this stick can run on older computer, i will definitely renew, but until then, my hands are tied.

  48. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Michael,
    I’m happy to hear that you’ve been getting some good use out of your FixMeStick! If you run into any questions down the line, feel free to reach out to us 🙂

  49. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for reaching out to us!
    I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received your order yet. We’re dealing with a bit of delays with some of our recent shipments! If you have any questions regarding the status of your delivery, you can always reach out to us at support@fixmestick.com

  50. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Shane,
    I’m sorry to hear that your FixMeStick isn’t working correctly. If you’d like to contact us regarding troubleshooting the issue you can reach us at support@fixmestick.com
    We look forward to hearing from you!

  51. Betty Cribbs Smith -

    If you can take Paypal Credit I would like to get the fixmestick again.

  52. jonathan.st.michael -

    Hi Betty,
    We do in fact take PayPal as a form of payment for our products! If you’re running into any difficulty with your purchase, you can always reach us at support@fixmestick.com

  53. Jonathan -

    Hi Mike,

    We’re dealing with a bit of delays with some of our recent shipments due to COVID restrictions on top of the delays caused by holiday shipping. If you have any questions regarding the status of your delivery, I recommend reaching out to us at support@fixmestick.com !

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