How Secure Are You Online? Here are the Answers

How did you do on our Cyber Security Checkup?

If you are confused about some of the questions, below are the detailed answers to each question.

Question 1: Do you use a password to secure your Wi-Fi?

You should always set up your very own unique password for your Wifi network at home. Having an unsecured Wifi network can allow hackers to access any of your devices that are connected to this unsecured Wifi network. If you are currently using a default password given to you by your ISP, change this password right away! Usually your Internet Service Provider can tell you how to do this!

Question 2: What is multi-factor authentication and should you use it when it’s available?

Multi-factor authentication is a security measure many online services use to protect your account from getting hacked. The method requires you to verify your identity via a different method other than your password. An example of this could be your smartphone asking to scan your fingerprint before you make a digital purchase.

You should always turn on multi-factor authentication for your important online accounts if the option is available. Here are some other examples of multi-factor authentication.

Question 3: What’s the difference between passwords and passphrases?

Passphrases are made up of four or more words over fifteen characters long and are longer than passwords. You should always use passphrases to secure important accounts. If you’re still not convinced, check out the worst passwords of 2019.

Question 4: Do you use a unique password for every online account?

You should vary your online account passwords. This is to ensure that if one account gets hacked, the hacker cannot use your password to gain access to another account that has the same password.

StartMeTip: If you have a difficult time remembering your passwords, consider using a notebook to keep track of all your online accounts. At FixMeStick, we also like to the Google Password Manager that is built into Chrome. It’s great because it suggests strong passwords, saves them for you, and can be used on the StartMeStick!

Question 5: Why should you use a VPN?

We’ve written extensively about the benefits of VPNs before. In fact, one of our partner products is actually NordVPN, which you can purchase at a discount here.

The purpose of a VPN is to give yourself an additional layer of privacy and security by redirecting your internet traffic away from your ISP (internet service provider), but it does not replace your ISP nor does it replace your antivirus.

Question 6: How often do you update your computer’s OS, aka. operating system?

Software engineers are always updating the software to patch up any holes or security flaws in the system. This is especially important when it involves your operating system, as a lack of updates can make you vulnerable to attacks.

Here is how to check for the latest Windows OS update. For Mac users, here is how to check for the latest MacOS update.

Question 7: Do you use antivirus on all your electronic devices?

Antivirus software has expanded outside of the traditional computer nowadays. It’s a good idea to install them on all your devices to protect them. You don’t want your smartphone to become hacked. If you are using our partner product, McAfee Total Protection, you can download this software on all your smartphone and tablet devices as well!

If you don’t have McAfee Total Protection, what are you doing? You can get an exclusive discount because you’re a FixMeStick customer! Claim your discount here.

Question 8: How often do you back up the files on your computer?

There is no set time of how often you should back up your computer, but making regular backups every month is a good habit to get into. Your computer is the home of important documents and pictures, so it can be devastating to lose them all after an accidental coffee spill or computer theft.

Learn more about backing up your computer in our blog here.

That’s all! If you are still confused about some of the answers to these questions, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you within one business day!


  1. Alex - Reply

    Hm! Its complicate for my age To do this all . Till now, I was not hacked (20 years) but 2-3 time I lost some data pictures.because the hard drive fail or other… Now I purchase a fix me stick device 3 months was OK . I paid for 1 year for 3 dive ices , Unfortunately i didn’t set up one a cont , I use 2-3 time in 2 devices and now one doesn’t work is to repair (hard drive change) The other (tablet I really don’t like to use and I don’t know how I will recuperate My fix me stick (this is an older laptop i like to add to the account

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Alex, thanks for trying FixMeStick and sorry to see that one of your computers isn’t functioning anymore. You do not need to do anything to add an older laptop to your FixMeStick. Simply plug it in, run a scan, and the FixMeStick will remember this computer. If this doesn’t answer your question or if anything else is unclear, please email us at!

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