Cyber Security Tools and Features We’re Thankful For

Tech is a fast evolving field and in the past decade the domain of cyber security has taken leaps and bounds. Following are some tools we’re most thankful for.

  • Software patches: Patches are supporting updates made to improve the software you use on a daily basis. The only catch is you have to update to get them.
  • External drives and online backups: If you’ve ever lost your files you know the relief of having a backup with all your precious data. Use SOS Online Backup to easily back-up your information.
  • Browser flaggers: Now Google Chrome can tell if you’re on an unsecure site by flagging it in the the address bar- it will say “not secure” in the top left hand corner.
  • VPNs: We live in a world where there’s free wifi available at many public venues. The problem is when you need to do something private on a public network. Use Hotspot Shield, Nord VPN, or ExpressVPN to encrypt your communication and hide your IP address when you’re in plain sight.
  • 2-Factor-Authentication: 2-factor-authentication or (2FA) goes the extra mile to keep your accounts secure. If you have it setup on your account, when you sign in you’re prompted to verify your identity via a generated code on another device.

Here at FixMeStick we’re thankful for our cybersecurity partners like McAfee, Sophos, and Avira who contribute valuable antivirus engines to bolster the security of our product.

We’re also thankful for the wonderful community we’ve cultivated with our customer base. Share your favorite cyber security tools and features with us below in the comments!